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[November Special] After 1 year...


It's 2 November again.
The same date but different year and the same memory remain in my memory. The 1 year has past but I still remember what happened on this date. Sometimes, I still can't believe what actually happen but that's what happen now. After my break up 3years ago,

I don't believe in love. I don't believe on people except for my family and friends. I don't trust any stranger that wanna be a friend because I'm afraid I will be hurt again.But, I know I can't forever be like this. I need to start to trust people again. Since I'm afraid so I started by pray to God to give me strength to really trust people again. Every night I pray to God, so I can find someone that I can trust and be my "best friend" in my life.
But,God is not answering my prayers very soon. To be honest, I already feel like "Nah..nevermind" everything will come on God's time so I started to really learn to love myself,get to know what I like and what I dislike,be strong and have strong faith for the sake of myself. The journey is not easy, sometimes I've questioned God's timing because sometimes I feel being single is hard and sometimes I think I'm lonely but now, I know that lonely time for me to get to know God and myself, some people called it reflection time.
Getting to know new "best friend" this 1 year, I've learned so many things.
 Here is few of them and I know there will be many things to learn along the journey:

1. God timing is perfect
I used to hear/read " Trust in God's timing" but when its happen to me, I feel so hard. Sometimes I feel frustrated and wanna give up.But, I told myself, trust God timing in every situation in this life.

2. Don't expect too much from people
People is not perfect, just like you. We have much weakness and sometimes you expect the person to be this way but it's not that way, its frustrated right?But, I've learned "Don't expect too much from people", I remember one verse of Bible;
 " Do for others what you would want them to do for you.This is the meaning of the Law of Moses and the teaching of the prophets."- Matthew 7:12
3.Communication is important
I'm very bad at this when it's come to communicate with stranger turned friend. I don't know if they will like the way I talked, the topic I'm trying to say and if people don't respond to me then I will stop talking because I know they boring and not interested, I will keep quiet until reaching the destinations.I believe in maintaining a good relationship, need to have a good communication with each other.

4.Get to know people is really take time and hard work.
It's not easy to really get to know people. Its take time and hard work. Sometimes, I feel my effort is not good enough and sometimes I feel nobody cares actually.

5. Follow the flow
Sometimes, we just need to stop the plan and think,just follow the flow. Enjoying the moment.
We do not what will happen in future,sometimes I feel like "What will happen, I will just let it happen". I don't really care whether I will get hurt or ended up in a good way, I just let it be.

To be honest, it's not easy to be in this state of my life. I'm thankful and I'm trying my best to not take anything in my life for granted.
What's thing in your life you grateful for this moment? Please do share with me below or if you have any comment, please write your comment below, I love to read and reply them. It makes my day.
Thank you for spending time reading my rambling here.
See you again.

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