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[November Special] The Bible app that help me

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

Happy Monday!
TGIM! Thanks God is Monday.
Another day to live a better life and start fresh!
Amazing day with God
Yesterday was an amazing day for me.I still cant believe what happened,I even pinched myself and it's hurt,so I need to believe it,it's real! 

Rebuild relationship with God
For countless time, I make a new commitment to rebuild my relationship with God again.Honestly,I'm not really having a good relationship with God these few years.Yes,I went to church because I feel bad for not going(honestly).I relying on myself more than I rely on God,I thought I will better off without  Him but there's nothing I can do without God.Even if able, I'm not feeling satisfied and happy.For me, good relationship with God is crucial.He died for us and we do nothing about it,what a sad kind of relationship.To build a good relationship is never easy, you need to understand another party really well so for this case,we need to really know about God,just like He already knew about us.
How to get to know God?
Nowadays, we have so many distractions in our life.Is one example we always on our phone right? No matter what,no matter where we always looking at our phone.Thats me too!
Then,I realized why I always looking at my phone,others people life update does not really matter to me,they updated their status because they wanted to keep memories,sharing the happiness with friends and family.Why I looked at my phone just to read other people's conversations that dont really matter in my life.Maybe some its matter but it depends on.I'm not saying all that is bad, its depends on in the situation.Since I love to check my phone,so I started to make a habit,every morning after I wake up,the first thing I do is grab my phone,open my Bible App.But,before that need to pray first before you read the God's words. After 30 days(1 month) I did this,I can see that habit is finally there.One app that really helps me to developed this habit is Bible(You Version) apps.I will share the download link on below.

[Android] Download here
This app so far as I know is Bible and your reading plan,whatever you feel want to read for your devotional.I'm sharing about this app because I feel blessed and useful for me,nothing else.You can even change the language of Bible easily which I like.When I feel like I wanted to read in BM,I will just change it.I can even make an image of my verse of the day.There so much more about this apps.
I hope this article really help you to build a relationship with God and dont forget to tell your friends about it as well.

When following Jesus,be careful what you dream.Because you can rest assured that God will exceed the limits of your imagination if you're committed to advancing his kingdom.No matter where you are in your life,no matter how many apparent setbacks you face,God's best for you is yet to come.

We're blessed to be blessings.


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