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[November Special] Five blessings in my life


Hi there!
I’m thankful I wake up early today in the other side of the world.
I wake up in Sydney, Australia. I have been here for 4th times now, which make me, feel grateful.
Despite many obstacles in my life, I’m always try to be grateful what I have, what I’m doing and whatever I experience in my life.
We just live once so don’t take it for granted.

Wake up every day with positive thought and if there any problem from your stupid move yesterday, always remind yourself “everything will be okay” and “everything must be happen for a reason”. We should enjoy this life because that’s God wanted us to do.
What I really wanted to share today on my blog is five(5) blessings in my life. There’s a lot but I think this is five blessing that I’m thankful every day.

1.My family
I’m thankful for having my family especially my mum, dad, sisters and brother. There nothing in this world compare to them. I remember, when I’m younger, sometime I don’t appreciate my family. I wished I can have better family but my family is the better family than anything on this world. and nothing I can take granted on that. Now, we live separately, it’s make me think, I miss the old moment when we use to eat together. We don’t eat fancy food but the food feel so delicious. It’s because we eat together.

2.My job
Everyday I’m thankful over this. I never expect my career journey will be like this. I just surrender everything in God’s hand because I cannot see the future and only God can see that. Because of this job, I can travelled to other countries and make me learned to travel.

3.My friends
I spent mostly my life time with friends. I’m thankful because I was surrounding by good friends. I still remember each of my friends since the beginning of my life. My childhood friends, Osey Daduk 88, we still very good friends and I’m thankful!
My secondary school friends, you guys always make me remember where I came from every day and I always remember the moments.
My college friends, Yuny,Phyea and Pija.. I still remember you guys. How are you?
My university friends,Geetha,Lo, Visha,Lyy and more.I hopeyou guyd doing well.Thank you for be my friends.

4.My life journey
My life is not easy.
I have ups and downs that make me learned to be mature.

5.My boyfriend
It’s so hard for me to love again after what happened in my life.But, I’m glad this wonderful guy make his moves to win my heart. We are not perfect and a lot of thing to learn about each other but I’m trying to not that it for granted! If we are mean ti be then it will happen on the right time and right place.No worries and rushing.

 6.My faith
Something that I always thankful for. I'm thankful for having wonderful God and never leave me despite of anything.I'm forever grateful for He died for me, someone like me. I'm aalive because of His love.Thank You God for your wonderful blessings and always be there with me.

Thank you for reading and I hope you feel inspired to count your blessings every day and nappreviate whatever you have in your life, dont take it for granted! If you dont like it, try to change it for better because there someone wished for your life.

See you on next article.
p.s: im having jet lagged 😔


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