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[November Special] Hillsong Church 2016 experience(First time)


Another date that I will never forget in my life.
When I think of Australia, I will think of three things, Kangaroos, Opera House and Hillsong Church.
I wishing to go to Hillsong Church whenever I came to Sydney,Australia but I always don’t have weekend so I don’t have chance to go. But, last week, I’m fortunate enough to have chance to go to Hillsong church. I’m overwhelmed and feeling unreal!
It’s dream come true now!
So,here is journey to Hillsong Campus City Church, Sydney.
0600am – Get ready and go find the bus.
0730am – Searching for bus stand and I hop in the wrong bus headed to North Sydney. Luckily, I realized and get off from the bus, then searching for the right bus stand. Thanks God, I managed to found the right bus stand and I arrived at Hillsong church earlier than I expected. I’m so thankful, I don’t want to be late go to church because I’ve make a commitment, I will never late to church again from now on.
The beautiful view before I found Hillsong church.
Yay! Finally, I found it!I'm so excited!

0920am - Upon my arrival, I met with one Hillsong church member, Phil White. He sent me email previously. So, he introduced me to the places, a quick introduction because the service just about to started.
While waiting for the service to start, I ordered Chai Latte(yes,it's latte!)

0945am - The services started and you know what, when three or more people gathered, God will be there and I really feel blessed to worship our wonderful God in Hillsong church. Its dream comes true. Never ever in my life to be here and worship our wonderful God. Worship together with worship leaders that I used to watched and listened on YouTube. It was good experience. It not because this is mega church so I can feel God present but the way people treat you and connected with you make you feel the present of God. I learned from that. During the preaching time, Pastor shared about HOPE.

Hold,hope,always in God
As I reflected or looking back at my life, I know God have a great plans for me in my life. Everything He does in my life, I never think of it and it’s beyond my imaginations. Through the ups and downs of my life, I never lose my hope in God. I admit, there’s some time I was feel devastated with what God do in my life, I feel like God’s plan is harm me but I was remind again,
Jeremiah 29:11
My faith journey is not good as my life journey, I can say that.
But, through my life journey, God make my faith journey better along the way.
My life journey is different than yours and along of this life journey, God never failed to love me, prevent me from something that harmed me, something that take me away from Him. There’s time I feel God is unfair because sometime what I planned is not go just like I wanted. But, God know and already plan my life journey.
Through my life journey, I can see and feel God’s love.
The everlasting love that never leave and make me disappointed.
Before I love human, I need to love God with my heart and my sould.
Then, love each other’s.
But, love is not just say “ I love you, God” but this love need to put in action, just like God have done in my life.
Having opportunity to attended Hillsong church services really changed my life, my faith journey.
Believing in Jesus is not attend church every Sunday, pray for myself, my family but its beyond that. To be follower of Jesus Christ, I need to have a good relationship with God.

This experience is really unique experience for me.I will never forget it and learned something here.

Thank you for visit and read my blog.


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