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[November Special] How to move on?


Hi there~
This topic is very interesting for me because I've experience it before. Feeling heartbroken is never been easy.But, we can't forever feeling heartbroken so no matter how hard it is, we need to move on with our life.

This topic is not for the broken relationship, but it's for separation event in our life.But,usually when we heard or read about move on, we immediately think about the broken relationship,right?
So, maybe we can focus on that and if you not experience any broken relationship in your life,wow!good for you!! Without further due,let's see how I move on from any separation in your life,maybe from someone that you used to love,your friends and etc.

1.Crying as much as you can and anywhere you can
It's okay to cry,not just cry but cry as much as you can.
I remember when my heartbroken time, I called my sister and I cried almost an hour + ( 2 hours,I think). I REALLY cried like I just lose(yes, I lose someone that I use to love). I still remember, the feeling is just hurt and saddest thing ever happen.I think my world just ended! The there time during working hours, I can't bear the sadness of the heartbroken, I even cried at my desk, I went to under the desk during lunch time, some time I even went to toilet and crying because I feel sad! really sad! It's okay to cry during the early of heartbroken,don't push yourself to be stronger,just be yourself, allow yourself to express the sadness event in your life.But, remember!! Don't cry in the office( I did that,so it's bad!). Your heartbroken story is a personal issue, so in the office, be strong and when went back home, cry as much as you can! Don't "tahan" it, just cry! really!

2. Find God

Sometime, when you in very bad conditions such as heartbroken, you feel like nobody understand you.You friends will say " God prepare someone better or something better for you", yes, that's words help a lot.But, what really help a lot is find God. Read the God's words and apply it in your daily life. It's hardest but it's process.As from my experience, I read self-book, religious book and Bible to really heal this heartbroken. There's no shortcut but eventually, you will be heal completely in God.

3.Find close friend/family members
During the hardest time, I'm thankful for having friends and family that really be there for me. I remember, my good friend,Maznee really help me during this sad time. Thank you,Maz for listening to my stories, my teary time and etc, I really appreciate it! To my family(my sisters), I love you guys!! You guys make me realised there someone loves me other than him.Thank you for make me realised that!

4.Find your new passion or restart what you used to love before
After I really enough with the crying and teary stories with friends and family, I write a note to myself " I will never cry over this man for the sake of myself and my family". After I wrote that, I started to feel stronger and try to really forget what just happening. I started to learn photography and really get into it. Now, I still love it and still working on it. If you can't find a new passion, you can resume back what you used to love before you get involved in a relationship. Start do it again.

5.Work (Werk Werk work)
Something that really distracted me from my broken relationship and all the good memories is my work. I just work and work to forget everything that hurt me. After work, I'm starting to do my blog and thinking about what to write, what's my next project to share, learn about photography. I just get myself busy as much as I can. There's a time when I have a little time, I will cry especially when my eating time, I will cry but I remind myself with the note I write to myself.

6.Travel alone
I'm thankful for my job that required me to travel. During the peak of my heartbroken,I required travelling to Australia and New Zealand for work by MYSELF.At first, I have a doubt with myself but I bravely to do this. Yes, I'm survived and I'm really thankful I have an opportunity to travel during my saddest time. If you can't afford to travel, you can go somewhere new in our country and really check on yourself.

7. Fall in love again( after you ready!)
This one is the hardest!
It's hard to fall in love after you have such a heartbroken time. Some time, you feel like everyone is the same and you afraid to have the same experience again. Yes, that's happened to me too. Its took 3 years++ to make me really try to fall in love again, try my best to see beautiful things in love and not to afraid to love again. I never know what will happen but I'm trying.If its not working then learn the lessons again and if its working, thanks God!

These 7 tips maybe not a perfect way to move on but at least you know what to do when you experience this event/stage in your life. It's not easy, to be honest, but it's progress, never give up! I admit, there's some time I'm thinking of the good memories but that's because I'm human and I have a good memory. It's okay to think of that but don't make it as a block or wall that block you from your happiness, real happiness.

Maybe you feel despair and sad.But, remember God still care for you.Whatever happen now maybe God allow it for your own good.


That's all from me. I hope its help you guys.
If you have fantastic tips, you can let me know by comment below.

Thank you for reading and visit my blog.


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