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[November Special] One fine day in IKEA Cheras


I love went to IKEA.
The place that full of inspirations and great home furnishing( full of people as well). I don't own my house(yet) but I really love to see the home decor and make me wanna work harder for my own house.
The house decor really make me want to work harder and make my house like the one that I see in IKEA.
What I really like about IKEA is the minimalist concept and some of the items is quite affordable I think.

If you looking for home inspirations, you can go check the local IKEA at Cheras and Damansara.
Or you can check online here.
So,here is some photo from my last visit to IKEA Cheras.

Can I make my living room like this?
oh ya.. curtain inspiration over there!
And, almost Christmas already!
I hope one day, my workplace will be like this,AMEN!

There some reasons why I love visit IKEA:
1. Get inspirations
2. Buying boxes
3. Eat the curry puff or meatball
4. Spending "Me" time

So, in case you in KL, you can visit IKEA and there a lot of stuffs awaiting for you to bring back home.

Thanks for visit my blog.


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