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[Sydney,Australia] Opera House & Harbor Bridge


After enjoying the mother nature view at Bondi beach, me and my colleague,Farah took bus to Circular Quay where the Opera House and Harbor Bridge is. One of my dream is visit and take my photo with these two iconic symbol in Sydney. As I mentioned before, I came to Sydney for 4th times but never have a chance to really visit this iconic symbol in Australia. Thanks God, this time, I'm here! I jumping happily and I can't stop myself behaved that way. I'm just excited! The dream come true!

Opera House,Sydney
You can see how excited I am here.

Harbour Bridge,Sydney

Dearest younger me,
Thank you for working hard and keep faithful in God.Even though there sometime I don't have nowhere to go and the road is darker but I keep going with faithful heart and never lose hope in God. To all younger girls, no matter where you beginning, God have something for you in the store. Never give up, keep faithful in God and always,always trust in Him in the journey of life.

Thank you for visit and read my blog.
I hope you enjoy it and feel inspired.

God bless you,

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