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[November Special] Welcome Home | Birthday giveway


Happy Saturday!
It's so good to be home. I missed my bed and the food so much! Of course, my family,friends and special one. Yesterday was a super duper uber long journey for me and my colleague,Vicky. The check-in took longer than usual,maybe due to boarding pass printing issue,I guess. But, whatever it is, thank God for always give me strength to be patient and don't worry about anything, everything will be alright!

This morning my brunch is porridge and ikan masin, oh taste so good! I don't know this food is taste so good before, it's so good to take a break from it for awhile so I appreciate it more.
My last post on the blog was on 18! After that, I can't keep up with the schedule anymore. The work life is getting busier and I'm super duper uber tired too. I've prepared the post but not finish yet so that why I'm not posting anything last week.Put aside that, I will try to keep up with everything now.Start from recover from jetlagged( even though it's just 3 hours from Sydney).
I will share my experience and what I learned in Sydney these past 3 weeks, it's been a long journey for me but I'm thankful and blessed.
Oh ya, my birthday will be in 4 days, I'm excited!!! To celebrate my birthday this year, I do a giveaway on my Instagram,Facebook and here as well.

How to enter the giveaway?
Step 1: Follow me on Instagram (@keriitleto)
Step 2: Comment on giveway post about "What you grateful/thankful for" with hashtag #keriitletograteful

Who can enter?
For this giveway, it's open for Malaysia resident only.

I will announce the winner after my birthday.
So,don't forget to join it because what I'm about to giveway is stuff from Australia!

I think, that's all!
I will keep updating the blog today. There will be massive photos on my blog today.Don't forget to check it out okay?

Thank you for reading and visit my blog.


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