[Sydney,Australia] Welcome Home in Hillsong Church(Week 2)

26 November 2016

My overdue post from November 2016.
I missed Australia so much now. I want to go back there forever! Live there like it's where I belong.One of the best memories I make in Australia last year was I able to go to Hillsong Church for three times.What a best time in my life. This is my early birthday present from God that I will never forget forever.But, I'm forgetful lately so I want to share everything on my blog. Without further due,enjoy my photos.

Everytime I went to Hillsong, I always feel so excited. I love the excited feeling go to church. I feel welcome and I feel like I go to where I belong( am I talk much now?).But, that's happened to me when I went here. I ride the bus from my hotel to the church,super easy!

I'm just overly excited girl! hahaha.. I'm blessed.

Not in my wildest dream to be here but I'm here!
Young and Free.

I'm blessed.

The coffee shop around the
My new friend,Tiko.. thank you for showing me around.
This place is the place that I wanna be,forever!
I thought he is my boyfriend..hahaha, I missed him so much I guess.
Arghh...Sydney, I miss you and when can we meet again?

I always thought my opportunity to go to Sydney last November is my early birthday gift from God. I'm blessed and never take any moment for granted.

I missed Sydney so much now.


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