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[November Special]Lesson I’ve learned in the hard way


Hi there~
Thank you for visit and read my blog again.
As you read this, I'm in Sydney,Australia for my business trip. I wrote this article before I went to Australia because I don’t want to miss one day in November.This is special month so I will share every new article on every day.
For today, I wanted to share about some lessons I've learned in hard way. Without further due, here you go.

1. Break up make me learn about real life
Everyone not welcoming break up in their life, right?
When you in relationship, you will always expect you will ended up with each other and love forever. But, sometimes that's never happen. Because our life, behavior and attitude is keep changing so we change constantly. When people change, their heart can change as well. I always remind myself, nothing is permanent in this world except God. When I recalled the break up time, that time I learned my lessons in very hard way. I learn to love myself, learn to love other people and learn to trust in love again. I still remember the moment, its HITS me harder.

2. Financial
It's hard to share about this because it quite personal but today, I just open up to you guys because I've learned my lesson and I hope you guys learn from it.I've issue with my financial because my stupid decisions and lack of money management knowledge. When I first became working lady, I don't know how to managed my finance very well. I just spend, spend and spend! I did do saving, buying my personal insurance, give my parents allowance but I was not loyal on my tithing back in my early day.

3. Faith
I've been believe in God this 27 years old. No other God.
As I growing up, I started to exposed with this world. My relationship with God getting bitter. I always busy doing my work,my passion and whatever I want and always make God as my least priority. God did punished me in many ways especially on something or someone that I really love.

4. Love is not easy as you think
Well..well! Everyone know what is LOVE right?
It’s easy to say it and it’s so hard to maintain the love between two person.
I admit, sometime I feel like I want give up on love again but I love how the LOVE feels. It’s refresh my soul, it’s makes me happy like I will travel to different country. I’m not sure how I love people but when I love people, I will love with all my heart. If its mean for me, I will get married and if its not mean for me, I’m thankful for the experience and go on my life journey. To love people just like you love yourself,it’s not easy as you think.
For now, I just want to love with all my heart. I don’t really care if the person that I love will love me just like I did, it’s my choice to love and I’m happy to love.

5. Your life journey is your choice
This life is full of choice.
You can choose the bad life if that’s make you feel good,
 and you can choose to live in your way.I’m thankful for my parent that always support me in everything I did. Every day I always try to choose to live positively and happy because this day will never come again. It’s hard to live that way, but I choose to live that way.If you in bad life situation now, you can choose to get out and change, you’re not a tree! You can get out from the situation,take risks and enjoy the next journey. Don’t let people decide the way you lived.

I’m not having a perfect life nor happy life.
But, I choose to try to live happily and positive every day, every moment because that moment will never come or back again. When I choose to be happy,I still have the same problem and life still hard but I can choose how to treat that life issues.

What the lesson you learn in hard way?
You can share yours on below comment, I love to read it.

Thank You for visit and read my blog.



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