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Happy Sunday!
Today, once again, I feel so proud being #KERIITLETO!
For those who do not know what is KERIITLETO, KERIITLETO is Kenyah words. The direct meaning is young girl. But, I love to translate it as young girls with strong faith, beautiful in her way, dream big and kindhearted. I don’t want to limit it for certain age because every girl will always has the #keriitletoSPIRIT no matter what her age. Yes, it quite long and I hope you guy can accept that translation.
When I start this blog, I thought it will be about me forever and never thought beyond that. But, 

the more I write on this blog, I eventually found the MAIN purpose of this blog. I want this blog become one platform where every girls from any corner of this wonderful world will find inspirations, encouragements and moral support for them to move forward to live their life, achieve their dreams and do whatever they want to do no matter where there come from and whatever dream they had. There’s many kind blog like this on the internet world.
What’s the is difference from other blog?
I’m rural girl with big dreams, just like you! I’m trying my best to achieve my dream in the city but never forget where I come from and always be faithful in God.
I'm not just target on girls that same race with me (I'm Kenyah) but every girls that can read and understand English. I don’t really care about what’s your race, your skin color because for me, everyone is same in God’s eyes and in my eyes as well.

Today post, I want to share about three girls that really make the my #keriitletoSPIRIT alive!

Mary Robin
Last night, I went to Christmas party at SIBKL church, hosted by KBM SIBKL and my not so little cousin performing on the stage. Oh my God, I'm so proud of her. I literally crying when I watch her performed so well on the stage (she told me she nervous actually) but to be honest, she was good performer and singer! I'm cheering like parent cheering for their kids in school performance, like in the movie, can you imagined that?
Mary, if you read this, I will be always your no.1 fan! Seeing my fellow #keriitleto performed confidently on stage make my #keriitletoSPIRIT feel so alive! I’m so happy whenever I saw #keriitleto doing so well in any of their dreams and what they love to do.Keep do your best Mary! You're amazing! When you EP is out, I definitely buy it.Can't wait for that! I believe God have wonderful plan for you.
You can check her YouTube channel here.
 As a fan, I already took selfie with her.

Claudia Kang
My cousin told me that this not so little cousin will have dance performance next weekend and I already feel so excited about it.When I saw her promo poster on Facebook, the first thing I saw is Choreographer, Yettie Claudia Kang and I can’t stop myself commenting on her page, I’m so proud of her and hope everything will go smoothly.I will try my best to go support her. The #keriitletoSPIRIT come again. And, the funny thing is suddenly, the memories of we used to “mandi sungai” during our childhood. I’m so amazed with how far is God bring us in our life.Everyone do what they love and God never stopped love us. Let, if you read this "Do your best okay?", betik pegak nai naat iku o.

Norisan Usun
I will never forget about this amazing sweetheart of mine.
Today is her birthday! Happy Birthday to my best friend! She is one of my best friend that God has sent to me. I’m really proud her because she has two sons and she is career women as well! We have dreamed about that before my friend.And, God allow you have experience it first and for that, I’m so proud of you. You’re amazing my sweetheart friend! You’re stronger and amazing than you ever thought. No matter how this life tries to bring you down, they can’t do that. We have stronger God that always on our side. I love you always my friend! Happy Birthday!!! Hugggg!!

Not just these ladies make me feel proud being #keriitleto today. There many of them. Everyday when I scrolled my Facebook page, I saw a lot of #keriitleto doing so well in their life and I hope everyone always be faithful in God, no matter how good is your life and how successful you’re. Everything that we got now is from Jesus Christ, our God. Don’t boast on anything you have because it’s not our own. And, always love one another, help each other when anyone need helps. Be #keriitleto that always have stronger faith, faithful, kind hearted, dream big and beautiful in your way. You’re beautiful, sweetheart!
From my side, I just can’t describe how wonderful is God in our life. We #keriitleto used to play "abu", main ti aluk, entuk songai ngan tai dalau aut. I can't believe what we doing in our life today! It's an amazing journey so far and I know, God will never stop do amazing thing in our life and all the keriitleto and demanai life too. We are like this because our parents’ prayers, our faithful heart and our passion heart to find the wisdom.
 Stay faithful and stronger in our God.

It's so wonderful to write something like this. I feel so great and inspired!
I love to write something that I hope can inspire and motivated others, so I want to use it fully what God gave. At the same time, I learned too. Every day for me is a new day to learn new and learn from mistake. Every day is time to change, you can change anytime and wherever you want. Everything is start from YOU.
Start be faithful in small thing and you'll be trusted for bigger thing.

Paya from

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