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Hello there!
It's been such a long time since I posted anything on my blog. I was out of town ( I go back to my hometown) so I can't post any post on time. This time, I want to share my latest #keriitletophotography project.Congratulations to Damus and Masnie for their wedding day and thank you for let me freeze your treasure moment. The photos will be send out to you soon and for now, here is the photos that can I share.

Hi there~
Don’t be surprised with the title. I don’t know what’s your religion background when you read this post but I really want to share why we should celebrate Christmas. I know, I know. You must be surprised when read the title post today. Don’t be stunned by the title but asked yourself, why we celebrate Christmas?
Being Christian since I was born as I born in second generation of Christian family. So, eventually I celebrate Christmas and I’m proudly said, I am celebrate Christmas. When the Christmas season comes, I will so busy thinking of gifts for my siblings, parent and nephews or friends or myself. I’m so busy thinking of what food should we serve during open house in our village during this year Christmas. What menu? What this and that? Should we decorate our house this year? And the list go on. I don’t know about you, I was lost. I honestly admit, I lost the meaning of Christmas. I have realized that, I celebrated Christmas for food, for myself and myself. I forget the real Christmas celebration for what. It’s such a sad event in my life. I hope you’re not like me. I hope you still remember the meaning of Christmas.
Just in case, you forget the real reason why we celebrate Christmas, I studied about why we celebrate Christmas?

Why we celebrate Christmas?


Hi there~
Happy Sunday~. I don't know what's wrong with me and I'm thinking to write this kind of post as I rarely talk about it but I love it. Usually, I just posted the photos I took on my blog, social media and website and I never talk about how I feel when I take those photos. So, today I want to share about my double life as a wedding photographer. I called it double life because some people don't really know I am a freelance wedding photographer. I still a beginner even after so many years now, I still have to learn and I don't know if I can be called myself as a wedding photographer but I love that, so I will just call myself that and hopefully, it come very true in near future. Being a wedding photographer is one of the best things I can do for myself. I love to freeze people treasure moment in their life, I feel like I am a superwoman. I love the sense of responsibility and I love the enjoyment of the clients satisfied and love the photos. I'm willing to hear whatever criticisms about my work too even though it's hardest I feel. I never dreamed being a wedding photographer before. I don't even know what as a wedding photographer and I don't even know what is photographer, is it a job? I never have a seen camera as a little girl and what I remember is there's time for a class photo and our photo will be taken, I remember I love that, and I know everyone does.So, you may curious, since when I love photography? and why did I choose to do it?how is it feel?

My double life as wedding photographer


Today is my dear friend’s birthday!
Happy Birthday to you Usun.
I’m thankful because this year we have an opportunity to celebrate our birthday together after so long. The last time we celebrated our birthday together is 2008 or 2007? During our matriculation time.The time has move so fast and fast forward, we’re 29 years old now. She was blessed with 3 kids  and many blessings in her life and I’m blessed too with the things that I never imagined before. We have been so blessed for these years. God is always with us and never leave us in whatever situations.



The season has come.
Here is my latest wedding photography.

Nelsion & Alice Wedding Day - 2 Dec 2017


Hi there~
As you read this, I am at airport waiting for my delayed flight or on the plane or arrive in Miri. I don't know but whenever you read this, first of all, thank you for visit and start to read my blog. Today is the first day of my business trip for My super duper uber small company for photography and creative design, I am still working hard to make it. This is not my first time went for a business trip, I've been blessed to go for many business trips for my main work before but this is the first time I traveled to work for my feel so nervous and anxious. I don't know what ahead of me but I choose to be happy to do what I love. When talking about doing what you love, it's sound interesting and fantastic, right? You can imagine work easily and do whatever you want and for sure, feel amazing. I feel amazing whenever I'm working for, the reality of doing what I love is hit me harder. So, for these past years since I trying to pursue my passion in photography, I can see and tasted the reality of doing what I love. I don't mean to scare or make you give up on your dreams but I like to show the reality, not fantasy.
So, without further due, here is the reality of pursue my dreams.

The reality of pursue your dream


Life's challenges and opportunities never end.
Until the day you die, there will always be something new to experience, to learn and to give.
There are new people to meet, new places to go and new insights to gain.
God designed you to be a continual learner, a continual doer, a continual explorer of His creation and a continual giver. God never authorized a "retirement age" from any of those pursuits!

Hi there~
Finally, the day I waiting for is here. Whoaaa!!
I've been waiting for this day to come like a year...haha. I've been countdown for this day for 30 days, my boyfriend/best friend get annoying with me already. Even my colleagues friends, they are super duper uber annoying.Sorry guys!This year, my birthday is so special because finally, I'm not going for my annual birthday photo shoot alone but my best friend has come along and taken the photos for me and take photo with me too. I'm so happy and I'm blessed! I will share the photos on another post.
This time, I'm not going to share another lesson I've learned in this life, I think I share too much about life lessons with you guy already...haha. You can check my latest life lessons in my 20s era on my last week post, if you haven't read it, you can check this link out and read it. I promise you won't disappointed or not waste the data you have.
This time I'm going to share about continual growth. My 20s era already end but life must be going on and I've must keep updating myself for a better me.
So, how to be continual growth in this life?

Goodbye my 20s era | Challenge of continual growth


In one day, my birthday will be here!
And, that's mean it's my last day as lady in her 20s...haha.Should I be happy or what? I don't know.
Yes, I will be enter my 30s next year(officially!). I know, I finally admit it! But, for now, I am almost 30 years old lady.
I do feel insecure about my age because for me, as you get older, people expectation of you becomes higher and bigger. People expect you to get married already, having a kid, having a secure job or having whatever perfect in this world. The reality is it's not easy as we think. I still working hard to make that happen in my life.
Back then, I always wonder how it will be like being 30s.So, when I finally my time has come, here what I experienced. Our experience maybe not same and I don't know about what you really feel but these what I feel.
For girls in her 20s, read carefully and take note(if you want).

My honest experience on being almost 30 years old


Hi there~

I can't believe I'm writing this kind of article now.
In few days, I will be officially saying goodbye to my 20s era. It's been such an amazing journey so far. There's a lot of things happen that can really challenge me as a human being. Also, it takes many years for me to know what I want to do in my life...haha, funny, right?
So, here is a short list of what I want to do with my life, for now, I guess. This one maybe changes again, it's flexible list so don't expect this list to stay the same until the last day of my life. I'm writing this post to make sure you aware that, it's okay to not know where you headed now because it's a process to know what you want. So, to know what you want to do, make sure you keep exploring, an experiment so you can figure what it is.I've lived this life for 20 something years and I've tried so many things too and here what I come out with. I hope you find it's helpful for you to figure out what you want to do in your life.

The day I figure out what I want to do in my life


Hye! Yo!
Actually, I planned to post this article on my birthday but I don't know why I feel like I want to post it one week before my birthday... such a weird feeling but it's okay because eventually, I will share it here too. In one week I will be officially on my last as 20s something girl. I will be upgrading to the higher level. So, I feel waste if I didn't share what I've learned this past 20 year something in my life with a young girl out there. I am going to frank and totally honest with you guy here. I never being fake on my blog as for me, this is the platform for me to share my real life, what I've learned and for you to "forecast" what ahead you. Our story maybe not same but this is the typical kind of a story of one kampung girl that try so hard to become a city girl.
Looking back to my 10 years as a 20s girl, I think I can make a movie or dramas. There's a lot of things had happened. There are so many highs and lows I've been through, countless happy moments and countless sad moments. Being heartbroken one time really HIT me harder and I can say that event of my life really shape who am I today. Not because of what's my ex-boyfriend but that event of my life make me realized, I am capable to stand on my own feet and I've God that always loved me since the beginning.
I've thought of this article since last year but that time, I'm still 28 years old so I'm waiting for this year, the last year as the 20s.
Without further due, here are my 20s year stories and what's I've learned so far. I hope you can read it until the end.

Hi there~
Is there anyone here love to read book? PLEASE HIT ME A COMMENT...
This is my hobby. I love read books especially self help genre, I can't stop myself read that kind of books as it's inspired me so much and give me strengths to go after my dreams and to live my life obviously.I've several favorite books and one of it is #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso. I bought this book in Auckland Airport and I read it during my flight back to Malaysia. It's feel so great and there's so much powerful messages in this book that make me feel strong again to go after my dreams.
So, here what I've learned after read this book.

Lessons I learned from #GIRLBOSS book


Happy Saturday!
It's been such a long time since I talked about my outfit on my blog.
As I already told you guys previously, I was having an issue with my body, its not an issue actually because it's my choice. I gained weight so much this year, I guess I'm happier or stressed..haha but I choose the happy lah. I'm happy so I gained weight and I ate like crazy and seems the world will end tomorrow. I also not sure why am I like that! Maybe one of the reason is I will be 30 years old next year so my metabolism is not working like it's use before. I guess, I don't know but I'm happy to feed myself with food, any foof. So, the result, I gained weight and my body not look so nice anymore. I lose confident to pose in front of my camera for my outfit diary or famously known as #ootd. But, everything change when I found this skirt from Bundle festival nearby where I lived. I bought 3 skirt for just RM10. What's an amazing deal and finding! I love it and I feel comfortable with it also it make me look a bit slim lah, a bit lah..please! hahahhaa.
So, after so is my outfit diary for last week.

#keriitletostyle : Best skirt


Today is one of a meaningful day in my best friend's life.
It’s his convocation day after so long. Thanks to God for make this happen and also, for whatever He did for us in our life.I’m so thankful for able to be in the meaningful moment in my best friend’s life. You know what, the best feeling I ever feel was when I saw him come out from the hall, I feel so excited, happy, proud and thankful. Now, I wonder if my parent and siblings ever feel that way on my convocation last time? I hope they feel just like I feel here...hahaha.It feels so good to see the smile of people that we love, its make me believe life is wonderful.
So, I want to dedicate this post to my partner in crime/my best friend’s Mac.

The best yet to come


Hi there~
Thanks for visiting my blog again even though I always MIA now. 
I was caught up in the busyness of life. I did less what I love and I become unhappy. I know, it's my choice to do what I want in my life but I don’t know why I just can do that, it’s weird. I think I was lost myself.I become like a lalang, go there and here. It worried me but I just can’t help to be like this. Especially when I’m in a relationship, I scared I lost myself and try to be what people want me to be, not what I want. I must be myself. I've read one book, its tell that there are two resources of love which is first one is God and second is yourself. Before I can love anyone in this world, I need to know to love God and myself better. After praying so hard for three years to be exact, God has answered my prayers, He sent me my best-friend, MM in my life.And, the journey is not easy so far.
So, here is 20 things I've learned in our first year of the relationship.

Happy Sunday~
I can't believe I forgot to share this photo story of another blessing in our big family, Bilong. This little boy so active and during this photo shoot, I feel like I'm exercising...haha (it's a good thing).
I feel so amazing to able to freeze the moment for Bilong and his family. I hope when he grow up, he will never forget me and remember this moment in his life.I hope one day, he can visit this post.
Bilong, be a good boy and full of faith.
For now, let's us enjoy the photos.

Another blessing


Hi there~
It's been awhile again.I'm sorry for MIA, I'm not going anywhere, I'm just busy with my life.I'm busier and get exhausted, then I tried to find a peace and one way for me to find a peace is spend time with my loved one, my family.So, I decided to canceled everything last weekend and go back to Perlis, where my sister's family staying.And, I take the opportunity to do what I love, which is taking photos. This time, I freeze the moment of our little princess Demma. It's a privilege to witness the wonderful work of God.I took her first photo when she still our little nugget ( still in my sister's tummy) and can't believe we got her in 2015(November!!), what's an amazing early Christmas gift for our family and especially for my sister's family.

Another reason to be grateful


Happy Sunday!
It's 1st October 2017! What?!
In 2 months, it will be Christmas 2017! and in 1 month, it will be my birthday month! wowww..amazing!!! But, despite that excited feeling, I'm a bit sad too because I will say bye bye to 2017!This special year really shows the different side of me and really tested my faith.

Something special


Happy Monday!
It's a UPSR exams for our little boys today.
I can't believe they already 12 years old, how fast is the time goes. I rarely talked about my others nephews on my blog compare to Kang and Demma, they are so tiny and have a lot to talk about them. Last Saturday, I did a video call with my sister's family and for the first time ever, I feel so appreciate about technology. I rarely talk about technology on my blog because I always feel that technology help my life so much, so I no need to brag about it. Without technology, I don't think I can call my family back in my village and hear their voice after a long time.Yesterday, I video call with my sister's family and it's amazing to see my nephew and niece moving around.

The 12 years just gone


Happy Sunday~
It feels so good today because, after such a very long time, I finally do my #ootd again, thanks to my fellow #keriitleto for helping me capture the photos. I feel so amazing and I guess, my love on my #ootd never fade. I will continue do it again even though I don't see anything for five years ahead, I don't care anymore. I just love it and it makes me feel good and amazing.
As per usual, we will talk a lot about outfits because it's such a long time, why not spending some time to really talked about each of the pieces..hahhaaa

#keriitletoOOTD: Do what you love


It's weekend, yay!
But, today is my moving day, so got to do some work, heavy work. I moved back to Bangi after 5 months staying in Puchong. I love staying in Puchong but my wallet definitely doesn't like it. The petrol and toll price keeps increasing, that affects my life so much.
I miss home so bad now... I miss my kampung, Data Kakus, Sarawak. I missed everyone. Listen to my nephew's voice on the telephone yesterday was the awesome thing ever happen this week.He got fever, so sad! I love my kampung so much and I even think to go back there and lived the life.But, that's not going to happen as I choose to settle down (temporary) in the city and being #keriitletocity rather than #keriitleto. No lah.. I always being a #keriitleto and being #keriitleto is never easy. So, this article I would like to share my opinion being #keriitleto.

Being #keriitleto | Big girl don't cry


It's Friday and I do not feel happy at all.
It's such a terrible day for me.
Have you ever feel so failed in your life? I feel like everything is messed up now and it seems like there's no way out. I believe in God but I'm human too.Sometimes I lose my faith, feel worries about what tomorrow will bring and I forgot the scripture that I memorized during my Sunday school. Life is getting so hard.I'm not usually like this but the times have come again, I feel totally failed.I cried a lot inside our car on my way back from work. I feel terrible and look down on myself.

The day I feel totally failed in my life


Hi there~
I just landed home from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam and now waiting for MM pick me up, so while waiting, I will share my 5 must try food in Ho Chi Minh city. I've been to Ho Chi Minh city quite many time now(I'm grateful for that!).Whenever I come here, these are some Vietnamese food that I love.I can say, sometimes I missed the taste of Vietnamese food when I didn't eat too long. Thanks to my colleagues here they got me to try new menu this time, which is Bun Cha, taste soo good!
Without further due, let's check out the food.

5 MUST try food in Ho Chi Minh City


Happy Saturday from another side of the world!
For today, I completely do nothing here. I feel so lazy to explore as I suddenly feel a headache after my morning walk, what a day! I just eat the medicine and go back to sleep. It feels so good. I'm grateful for sit still and do nothing today. It's been a long time since I do that.I always keep myself busy whenever I'm home in Malaysia. I want to take a break from every thing actually, I want everything to be slow down a bit so I can have time on my own. Now, it's the time. I appreciate this moment and I'm grateful I have a quiet and alone time as much as I wanted.Since I always come to Vietnam especially Saigon city, I feel lazy to explore around because I will buy something every time, I hate buying more stuff now.So, what I got from this activity today?

Sit still and do nothing


Wowww! It's September 2017... next couple months will be my birthday month, so excited! haha. Do you remember the famous song about September? Wake me up when September ends? It's popular song during my high school...hahaha. Since it's a new month, so let's reboot us again, be a better version of you because it's a new day, new start, new focus and new result.And, I guess you need a little encouragement for that, so here you go.

Hello September 2017!


I'm currently in Vietnam now so I think it's the right time to do or share my review on Vietnamese coffee. Every time I came to Vietnam, I never ever miss this one. I think I drink it every day here, I love coffee by the way.Usually, I will buy the iced coffee and then go to the office.I don't think I have time for the hot one, maybe on the weekend. What I will review today is iced Vietnamese coffee.So, let's get started.

Why the Vietnamese Coffee so famous?


It's Malaysia 60th Independent Day.
Yay, if I stayed in Malaysia for this moment but I'm on my business trip this time so can I say Nay!hahahhaa... just kidding! For this time, I will look at the bright side about this, I will celebrate Vietnamese National Day on 2/September.Even though I'm not in Malaysia for this moment but I wanted to share my things I like about Malaysia, my home. It's Independent Day,come on! Let's say something good about my country(I'm serious!).I'm grateful I have opportunities to travel a lot to several countries this 6 years of my life, so I can appreciate home like I never did before. Back then( my pre-travel time), all my life was about Malaysia and London ( I just know about London because my dad keeps saying about it).
So, here is my list(ehemmm)

Things I like about Malaysia

Hi there~
Today is another day I'm thankful for. 
I can breath and feel happy with my not so perfect life. Lately, I stumbled upon documentaries video regarding the poor family in Phillipines on YouTube and can't stop myself from watching those videos. It's so sad to see the kids go to work just for their snacks and to feed other younger siblings. They just up to 9 years old, which is for me is craziest! It's make me flashback about my childhood in rural Sarawak. My life as a kid is not bad as the kids I saw in those videos but I'm struggling too. Fortunately, my parent always make the education is number one. No matter how hard it is, no money in our pocket, keep going and never give up! I still remember the day I went to market with my bananas and sell it there because I want to buy 'selipar jepun' and some snacks also I remember there's sometimes I'm helping my mother selling vegetables in the street whenever my semester break.Sometime we 'kena halau' because we sometimes selling at illegal places to avoid the 'cukai' at market. Life is definitely not so easy.I feel sad whenever watch the kids in those videos especially when they said they not able going to school because their parent cannot afford to send them to school then when asked about their dreams, most of them want to be teachers, engineer and etc.Let's narrowed the scope, not about poor kids in the Philipines but my own race situations.I personally feel proud of my own race (Kenyah Badeng) because I think almost of the Kenyah kids have educations and better than what I had before. But, still there's some family that can't afford send their kids go to school. I really need to think and do something about that. I don't want any Kenyah kids to miss education and not going to school. I want every Kenyah kids will have educations and able to think openly about this world and still grounded with their faith in Jesus Christ.So, this situations make me think, what kind of girl I want to be?

What kind of girl I want to be?


Hi there~
Another highlight of yesterday. I went to somewhere with Bilong, he is my uncle's son by MRT today. It's our first time riding the MRT and the experience is a quiet difference...hahaaa. I never travel alone with a toddler before so this is my first time and you know what? IT'S CRAZY!
Why I say so? 

Happy Birthday,Bilong


Another date to remember!
Yes, I love to remember every special date in my life, that's why my memory always full and sometimes forget other thing but this one, I want to remember it. No exceptional! hahhaaa...
What's so special on this date?

Always your no.1 fan


Yesterday was a wonderful day as I have an opportunity to see the SEA Games Opening Ceremony in our biggest stadium. Yay! Thank you, SONY for the opportunity and oh yea, this is my first ever won the lucky draw in my entire life. I can't believe I never went to Stadium Bukit Jalil before..hahaha, I been lived in Selangor and KL for many years but never make time to go here. Instead, I went to one stadium in London last time..hahaha. Since it's my first time so I will share my opinion and of course all the photos from yesterday event.
Without further due, let's check it out.

Hi there~
I just finished video calling with my second sister just now and you know what?!
I feeling AWESOME!! Because I got to see our little girl, Demma dancing, smiling and give flying kisses for me, what an awesome gift today. We are so blessed! I can't stop thinking of her now...hhahhaaa, such a crazy aunt. Until now, I can't believe our family have one little girl or lil keriitleto( future daughter supposed to have that title) but for now, let Demma have that title.It's not her birthday yet so I won't talk too much about her. But, what I want to share is AHAVAH.
Have you heard about this word? It's my first time heard about this word as well and immediately, I love it!
You want to know why?



Happy Saturday!
How's your week so far?
I hope you have a great week.As for me, I'm thankful for this week, there's so much blessings that I can thank for.One of it is I won my first every lucky draw in my entire life!!! It's SEA Games Opening Ceremony tickets from SONY (where I working and I feel so lucky!) and many things that make me feel good despite all the challenges happened this week.Okay,today I wanted to share about my passion in wedding photography because I just realized, there's some updated info on it.
So, without further due, let's started!

Freeze the moment


Happy Thursday~
Today, I want to talk about love because I was inspired from Yuna's Engagement and her Tumblr post. 
If you fan of Yuna, then you already know she gets engaged lately. I'm not a big fan but I always feel proud of what she did in her life. She such a brave and hardworking girl. I love that's spirit of her, can we do hashtag, #keriitletospirit for that?.Also, I personally love her engagement video, her engagement dress..arghh, beautiful! Most of all, the video and photos look it's full of love and I can feel the love in the air (hahaha..). What's really caught my attention was her Tumblr post about she fell in love. That's post was amazing and touch my heart personally.
You can read her original post on her Tumblr page.
So, what I have learned from that post.

Let's talk about love


Happy Monday~
Here is my latest photography project.
For this moment, I'm not taking any project as I focus on learned the theory and practice for better.
For now, enjoy the photos from Malam Bakat SIB Cheras 2017.

Malam Bakat SIB Cheras


Hi there~'s been awhile since I posted any article related to OOTD. I miss it so much! I hope you miss it too..hehe.
Today, I'm going to explain why there's no more OOTD post on my blog.
I don't need to explain this actually but I'm someone that explained something in such a long way..haha, I guess it's my habit. I will try to make it short.

#keriitletoOOTD: Where all my OOTD post?


My only wish now is I want to go far far away from everything...
Lately, everything seem tough for me. I'm constantly feel struggle with my life issues. I feel tired and helpless. I believe in God and I believe that God will lifted up my burden but I don't know why, I still feel so tired and helpless.I feel I lost my direction, always out of focus, feel overly sensitive of everything and think too much everytime and about anything.I have a supportive siblings,friends and boyfriend but I don't know why I still feel like this?.It's not like what I used to be.I try to remind myself, I am #keriitleto with strong heart and keep say to myself everything will be okay,don't think too much but I can't stop being such a helpless people.Do you ever have this kind of feeling?

I want to go far far away


It's been 3 days since Oppa left me in Selangor.
I hope Oppa feel so happy with Demma, Engka, my sister and my bro in law.
Yes, you can laugh at me so hard now, it's okay. I'm being so dramatic about this and I'm having fun of this too. MM can't take this anymore.But, before you judged me for being super childish and dramatic, I got to share few things I learned about this separation with my Oppa.

Life after Oppa


Today I want to do something fun!
In 2013, I wrote my "30 things must do before turn 30" on my blog and it's time for me to review it after 5 years and before I enter my 30 years next year. I can't believe its already 5 years since I posted this post.
Without further due, let's review it together.

Today is my last day with my Oppa.
You must be curious who is Oppa?
Oppa is my car. My first car.
People always said " Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan."
It's hard for me to say goodbye to my beloved Oppa.I sent Oppa to my sister's family in Perlis.
Oppa will be far from me from now..for the first time!
When I write this article, I crying.. I miss Oppa.
I bought Oppa in November 2011 with my first salary and my dad's support( as my birthday gift), that's the last time my dad gave me money.
Since Oppa is my first car so everything is first time for me. I don't even know how to drive Oppa when I got him. I asked my cousin's husband to help me fetch Oppa to my rental house.I don't even know how to drive really! Can't believe I just bought it without knowing anything.Don't worry, I have driving license when I got Oppa but never drive any car.
Thanks to the amazing ladies that teach me drive.
Marina unnie
Amy & her husband

It's time to learn to let go of what I used to see/feel in my life.
It's hard but I need to change no matter what. 
I can't always stay and feel the same.

Oppa, I miss you so much!
I hope you'll happy to see Demma and Ted in Perlis.
Be a good boy just like you with me.
I will come see you when the right time.

p.s; Yes, I sound so crazy now but that's how I communicate with my Oppa.If he can talk back, I think he will say " I'm so annoyed with you, talk too much! so dramatic!".


Goodbye Oppa


Hi there~
Since I'm in the season now so I want to share about something that closed in my life for this moment. It's dating life.Being able to experience dating life is something that I always grateful for. It's so hard to turn the crush to a friend than to lover.It's never easy. My friends and colleagues have proof how hard and funny this for me. It's an unexpected event, you can't really predict what will happen. When I think back of this, I just laugh at myself and I can't believe what happens in my life now. I'm grateful my crush become my lover.
As a youth, I curious about dating life, how to have a dating life that have purpose.And, I found the answer when I read my plan on Youversion Bible so, I want to share it with you guys. I know, it's just copy and paste because I don't want to missed any point. I hope this can give guide for you.

Life Tips: Dating with purpose


Happy Day~
It's been awhile since I write any article here. I'm sorry again.
Yes, I was missing in action(MIA) again.
If you realized, I also MIA on my other social media (Facebook & Instagram). I want to give myself break from all social media because I realized I overly attached on that, sometimes I always more and more like and love from people that I even know well, it's good for my business ( wedding photography) and at the same time, I also have life issues that too personal to talked about and I know, if I actively on social media, I will spill the bean so to avoid that happen, I take a break. I don't need to explain about this right? But, I think you guys deserve to know what really happen to me.
I'm okay now and I'm ready to live the life(hahaha).
Okay, you must be curious about my post title today, right?

Next level


I'm a curious kind of lady!
I'm lucky I know about Google so whenever my curious mind is on, I will google-ing and found out what I'm thinking about.Last week, I always ask myself "What is LOVE actually?". Yes, a common questions and I shouldn't asked about this. Everyone know what is love right? But, wait wait!!
I'm going to share what I found and yes, it's really useful for me.
Let's read it.

There Are 5 Stages Of Love, But Sadly Many Couples Stop At Stage 3
“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn
Ahh, love. It makes the world go around. It has inspired many poems, the most-read genre of books, and movies that make you grab a box of tissues. Nothing in life can compare to finding love. And when you locate that perfect partner, you plan to hold on tight forever. Till death do you part. So why do 40-50% of marriages end in divorce 1? Couples tend to end their relationships when they become disillusioned, not realizing it is simply one of many steps to a deeper, truer love.
The 5 Stages of Love
There are 5 stages of love that all relationships will eventually experience. Knowing this in advance can save you future heartache and problems.  It also can provide you with hope that the situation you find yourself in will pass. If you face adversity together and hang on, life will get better. You will become closer and love will endure.
Stage 1: Passion and playfulness
You meet the man of your dreams. He’s cute, fun and downright sexy. He’s filled your waking thoughts. You can’t think straight and getting a text from him will make your heart flutter. You are falling fast.
In this first stage of love, your hormones run the show. You flirt, get butterflies in your stomach and heart, toss your hair back often and laugh a lot more. Falling in love makes you glow. Full of playfulness and passion, stage one of love, often called the honeymoon stage, tends to be everyone’s favorite because it’s fun.
 Stage 2: Getting serious
Enter stage two. You still make a great couple. You hold hands in the park and cuddle up together to watch a movie, but something has changed. You’ve moved in together, maybe even got married and invested in a house. There might be a new baby in the picture or one on the way. The craziness of that honeymoon phase has calmed down.
You still have sex, but it’s more loving, more meaningful. And probably more rushed if you have a child. But now there are bills to worry about. Rent. Babysitters. Adult- stuff. That fun time has run its course and your relationship has entered the serious zone.
Stage 3: What happened?
Life seems to have rushed by and left you somewhere in the dust. You have friends living in Bali, others attending fun after-work parties and you are stuck going home each night to clean up a house, do laundry and make dinner that no one seems to appreciate. You feel as if your partner takes you for granted. What happened to those cuddles on the couch? And the last time he held your hand was to show you the mess the kids made in the bathroom. Stage three makes you seriously wonder if you lost that loving feeling!
What happened? Did you fall out of love? Most couples begin to feel resentment towards their partners at this stage in their relationship. They wonder what they missed in life had they stayed single, and wonder if being single would be a better place to be.
By this point, all illusions have been stripped awayYou find yourself arguing moreThe bills may be piling up, and kids proving to be a challenge.Romance seems like work and you can’t be bothered to squeeze in the time. You just want it to end. And most people do just that, end their relationship.
 Stage 4: Climbing down from the pedestal
If you’ve stuck it out through the tough times of stage three, you will be rewarded. You and your partner have fallen from the pedestals that you placed each other on. You become real people, not gods descended from Mount Olympus. All veils are stripped away. You acknowledge that your partner has dreams and also problems, just like you. Stage three let you see the frustrations in your relationship. Stage four allows you to accept them and work through them.
You and your partner can face life and battle adversity as a teamYou have reached the stage of real lovenot love held up on romance and passion or stuck together because of a child, bulove based on mutual understanding and acceptance of each other.
Stage 5: Working together as a team
Now that you’ve both embraced each other’s weaknesses and faults along with strengths and desires, you can combine forces and make the world a better place.
What social issues are you both passionate about? Do you both believe in healthy food choices? Get involved in a CSA co-op and help out on an organic farm or making farm fresh produce deliveries to people who can’t get out. Love the arts? Join a local cultural club or start a project or take a class together. Collaborate on an e-book. Volunteer at a national park.
As the old saying goes: “couples who play together, stay together.” By all means, keep your separate hobbies, but find a common ground and make it a project to work on together.
Don’t let your relationship become a statistic. When you arm yourself about the stages of love, it will help you get through those tough times to reach the other side. Love can be beautiful, but it is far from perfect. Nothing worth having comes easy. Hang on and love will endure.
American Psychological Association: Research on Marriage and Divorce
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22 June 2017

5 stages of love


Selamat Tau Amai me de Amai ngan Amai mek.
We called Father as Amai in Kenyah language.
Dalau tau meki,tambah-tambah teka bimpin le ka toa le ne.Obak teka le ke taan eda julung- ilu ngan nyekapu eda. Amai mek jan ne ca peribadi je ake lemoto mawa' ngan mala'.Amai mek jan  ne ca peribadi je ake tisen un ngelan Tuhan je ake tisen biuk cung u u ilu ti.
Un tepo, nta pe oban janan udip ji uku baan u de atai penawai le keluk.

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