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[Life Tips] Planetshakers Awakening 2017

Ephesians 3:20 NKJV 
"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think,according to His power that works in us".

Hi there!
Last week, I went to Planetshakers Awakening Conference 2017.
I choose to write about it after 1 week because I want to see whether the "fire" is there or it's already gone.
Yes, I still feel excited about it even until now, never going to forget about it. It's really life changing for me.
So, I want to share my experience from the start and end.


#keriitletoOOTD: Go for it!

Happy Sunday!
After so long,here is my #keriitletoOOTD2017.
This is my happiest moment in my life every time!
If the thing makes you happy, go for it. No delayed! I mean it! Time go so fast, you know and in no time, you'll leave behind by the thing that you want to do and never do.


[Lifestyle] My best moments in 2016

Hi there!
Today I want to share my best moments in 2016.
I can't believe this week is last week of January 2017,arg gg hh.. time move so fast.
I write this post every January since I started my blog.I feel thankful and blessed whenever I write about it.
You can see my previous year Best moment as below;
Best Moments 2015
There no moment I never stop thank God for what He ever did in my life.I will never be like this if not because of our wonderful God.
There so many best moments in 2016 and these a few of them.


[Life tips] Honest opinion about life by over 25 years old girl.

Hi there!
I'm sorry for missing on my blog again.
I planned to not "ignored" my blog this year but I can't control it. Whenever I'm out of the country, I need to focus on what I'm working on.I'm sorry!
I get inspired to write this article when I editing my December photos.
I just can't believe that my boys(nephews) growing up so much. I thought they going to be small forever..haha, silly me!
This year will be my last year as 20s something girls. I'm thankful and blessed. So, I thought it will be great for me to share my honest opinion and my experience so far. I hope you enjoy reading.


[photography story] Little Kang Adventure

Once upon time, there one little boy lived in beautiful and peaceful village. His name is Kang.He love to play outside.


Lipanus&Hartiny Wedding | 27 December 2016

Congratulations to the newlyweds for their wedding on 29.12.2016.
God bless your marriage.This is my last wedding photography gigs in 2016.
I'm thankful and blessed this.Thank you for choose keriitletophotography to captured your most treasured memories.
So here is some of the photos.


2017 Life guide | Happy New Year 2017

Hi there~
Happy New Year 2017!
I wrote this post on my flight to KL yesterday. I was so homesick, I did cried after my mum and my little brother left. But, I'm a big girl, I can't be like this so I decided to read my Bible apps to make me feel better. I read my favourite one which is Ecclesiastes/Pengkhutbah. It's talked about how meaningless is our life and what we should do while we live in this world. Previous days(before new year), I have read one book about "What the purpose of my life?"/Apakah tujuan hidupku?. I bought this book for my father back in 2013 or 2014, I don't remember the exact year to make him feel better or have hope in his life after the tragedy of his life.
This year, this book is perfect for me as I always looking or asking myself what my life purpose.As I get older, sometime I don't know what I'm looking for and sometime I was so clear about what I want in my life.
So, based on the Ecclesiastes and this book, I share with you guys "My 2017 life guide".