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[Life tips] Honest opinion about life by over 25 years old girl.

Hi there!
I'm sorry for missing on my blog again.
I planned to not "ignored" my blog this year but I can't control it. Whenever I'm out of the country, I need to focus on what I'm working on.I'm sorry!
I get inspired to write this article when I editing my December photos.
I just can't believe that my boys(nephews) growing up so much. I thought they going to be small forever..haha, silly me!
This year will be my last year as 20s something girls. I'm thankful and blessed. So, I thought it will be great for me to share my honest opinion and my experience so far. I hope you enjoy reading.

Why after 25 years old? is it important?
In most country in Asia, we(girls) consider older when we over 25 years old. There one time, in China they called girls over 25 years old as leftover girl (wow!can't believe this). I don't know why but that's our society thinking/mindset.Maybe not everyone but majority have that kind of thinking. I'm not writing this to make me feel good about this but I just want to share the reality of being girls over 25 years old and what I have learned so far.

I guess everyone is interested on this one, right?
I have learned that relationship, in particular with man is not easy as I think.I have learned about a relationship in a hard way back in those years. I have a broken heart when I'm 25 years old(which previously, I thought I will be get married when I'm 25 years old with my first love.) I thought I will spend the rest of my life with my first love and everything will be goes as I wanted and planned but it doesn't.Everything is upside down. It's so hard to accept the reality but that's life. Sometime everything goes life you wanted and sometime it doesn't.
I have learned that,
It's okay if you not marry or ended up with your first love.
It's okay to keep searching for Mr Right as long as you feel happy. People will think you're "choosy" or "high standard" but it's doesn't matter because you the one that going to spend the rest of your life with the one you choose.
Don't worry about what people think of you.
You know what, they dont even think of you. You the one that expect people have time to think of you.
When there's love, love harder.
People changes anytime so enjoy the moment.If you mean to be with someone, accept them for who they're and work together as a team and best friend.

2. Career
I don't even really think about this before, really! I have no idea what people called career.But, I'm an career girl now.During my first year in my career, I don’t know what to do and what’s ahead me.What's the next plan? What's this and that. I have no idea. I still don't get it now because for me, I trust in God in my career journey and I know, when the right time, everything will be change and better. For now, what I’m doing is I keep doing my best and be happy with what I got. I’m blessed as I still working on my first job and I love it(as I can travel to some countries every year).
So, in my career wise, I have learned that,
It’s okay if you work on something that you not study or major in. What’s most important is you keep learning and improving.
Along the way, follow your heart and passion. There’s nothing wrong to follow your childhood dream.
Always do your best in everything
Always ask and follow what's God want me to do 
You can move or change your career when you wanted, you're not a tree.
Appreciate every moment and people that you work with, it's hard but just do it!
Keep learning and be better.
You will meet mean and not so nice people along the way, what you can do is keep calm and do your best.You can't change people but you can change the way you think about them.
If you feel like a tree, change yourself to human and take a risks.

As I get older, I think I appreciate my family more.
I feel like they’re the only people that I can trust forever, people that never give up on each other despite of anything. I’m blessed to have a good family even though sometime it’s not good but after all, we not giving up on each other.If you have to choose between people that come in and go in your life or your family? Choose your family..always.The best choice you will ever make in your life.I'm not perfect when come to family love, I am such a bad daughter and bad sister to my brother and sisters but I keep trying my best to be the best of the best. I love you my sisters and little bro!

As I always said “ People come and go in our life”, same goes to friends. Along the way, I have met so many great and less great people but I always think they as a great people.
Appreciate your friends while you still have them.
One day, you'll not close as you used to be.Don't upset! That's how the friendship.Maybe you still closed with childhood friends, university friends, that's great! Along the way, we will find new friends, don't worry!

5. Financial
I am no expert on this but I learned many financial lessons along the way.
When I’m in my teenage age, I don’t really know what’s real money mean.I'm from the rural area so money is not really important to compare to foods.When I move to town(Bintulu) and during my study time.I start to feel that, money can buy happiness as I will be happy whenever I have money.I can buy whatever I want and feel like nothing when I don’t have any. But, after I earned my own money, I have learned that;
Money can't really buy you happiness
You can buy everything you want but you'll never satisfy.When you have money, use it wisely and spending it on the right thing.
It's easy to say this than done it.
I'm been shopping till I broke before and still I'm not happy. I don't like what I bought.I just wasted my money.
Be satisfied with what you have, don't buy thing too much.

I think I was born to be dreamer.
I always dream big.
To be honest, sometimes my big dreams is "killin' me. I tried my best to achieved it and if I'm failed, I fall on the ground.
When you're in your 20s, you have a lot of dreams and sometimes you can't even keep up with it.But, most of all, keep going and go for any dreams you have.Don't give up!

7. God
Do you believe in God?
Do you really believe in God?
How do you confirm you will go to heaven after you died?
If you asked me those questions during my early 20s, I probably don't know what to answered. I been Christian since I was born but as I growing up, I always have trouble to believe in God.But, His love is touch my heart and I believe God is real.There's so many events/situations in my life that show me how great is our God's love.He never failed to show His love to me and my family.
No other God that I believe,just Jesus Christ.

8.Relationship with myself
Believe or not, I have a very unstable relationship with myself.
I struggled to love myself. I always compared myself with others, start from career, body type and achievements in this life.But, I have learned that,
You're amazing creature, no one can be you.
You're loved
Never say bad words to yourself because your soul heard it.Be nice and always give a chance for improvement.
Don't always compare yourself with others.If the compare makes you work harder, do it but most probably it will make you feel down.
Know what the "Love yourself" mean.

Love can cover any sin.
God is love.
Without love, life is boring and empty.
I prayed I will always have heart that full of love because I believe in love.
Love can change anything.

10.  My wish before I turn 30(next year)
I have a lot but not going to revealed it today.I will do it next year.
If you not make your wishlist before 30, do it now.
Before I end this post, I want to say Thank you for read. I hope you inspired and appreciate your 20s moment. Don't take it for granted!

So, I think that's all for now.
Which one of my opinion you love the most?
If you have any comment, please write below. I will definitely read it.

Paya from

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