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[Life Tips] Planetshakers Awakening 2017


Ephesians 3:20 NKJV 
"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think,according to His power that works in us".

Hi there!
Last week, I went to Planetshakers Awakening Conference 2017.
I choose to write about it after 1 week because I want to see whether the "fire" is there or it's already gone.
Yes, I still feel excited about it even until now, never going to forget about it. It's really life changing for me.
So, I want to share my experience from the start and end.

#1: God is good..all the time.
I never drive alone to Sunway Pyramid Conference Centre(SPCC) but God will make a way if that what He want for you.I reached there safely every time which is amazing! This place is famously known as the most traffic jammed. But, I went there smoothly and there's no obstacles. I even got the nearest parking too. Its sound very simple but it's blessing from God. It's amazing! Really! I always try my best to always rely on God in everything I do even the most simple thing. I always wanted the presence of God in my life.

#2: The old you get, the more passionate about God.
This one really "melekat" in my heart even until now.
I decided to be like that. "The old I get, I want to be more passionate about God".
Never say " I'm too old to do this for God". I'm thankful for all the life experience that God has give me chance to experience.

#3: Overflow
The meaning of Overflow as below;
"the excess or surplus not able to be accommodated by an available space."
For all the blessings and love from our God, I always feel overflow. Since I surrender everything to God, my money, family, career and everything, I always feel overflow.There's time I feel like I don't deserve it and I don't know how to pay God for this overflow blessings.
I always wanted that people, my family, friends, colleagues and people around me will feel overflow with God too. The love of God is really changed me.

#4: Beautiful women
Not going to lie, we like everytime there's people compliment us with " You're beautiful women", right ladies?
Beautiful women is not just about having pretty face( with the help of make up) but with beautiful heart. Beautiful women with beautiful heart will always encourage each other, looking after each other and pray together.No gossiping about useless stuff that never good for us.
Be a beautiful women with even beautiful heart.

#5: You're the carrier of God's Kingdom
No matter where you go, no matter who you are,always remember that  you're the believer of Jesus Christ, you're the carrier of God's kingdom. The way of your life is something that really shown who you are. It doesn't matter how much or how high you lift your high but you don't live like a Christ believer. Your life is the mirror of your faith in God.

#6: Be the REAL you in God.
For me, I thought I am be real with God before but there's time, I become double me in God. I try to be someone else that what I think God will like.But, I just need to be me.Be real! The clumsy,the always worried, the weak girl and all my weakness, be real with God.

#7: We may don't have enough but God will provide(on time).
Who never worry about anything here?
We(human) always worried because that's how God created us. If we never worry, we will not respect our God.
I always try my best to not to worry about anything because I have God that will provide, all I need to do is ASK.
The simpliest but the hardest. Ask whatever you want and God will give it you if you have faith.

I'm glad I have decided to bought and went to Planetshakers Awakening conference 2017, something that I'm happiest when spent my money.It's really life changing and can't wait for next year conference!

If you like to discover about Planetshakers, you can check their website here.
And, their latest album/songs is really amazing! Everytime I listened to it, it always touched me. You can check here.

God is good..all the time.


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