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Lipanus&Hartiny Wedding | 27 December 2016

04 January 2017

Congratulations to the newlyweds for their wedding on 29.12.2016.
God bless your marriage.This is my last wedding photography gigs in 2016.
I'm thankful and blessed this.Thank you for choose keriitletophotography to captured your most treasured memories.
So here is some of the photos.

Venue: SIB BEM Data Kakus,Tatau,Bintulu



Few photos before the ceremony

Beautiful bride
Sister love
Some of the bridesmaids and best man

I didn't share the ceremony photos because not done yet.
Lastly, after ceremony.
That look
God bless both of you.

After trying on wedding photography in 2015,
I know I love it because I feel happy whenever I do it.
I can’t even express how happy and great I feel whenever I do what I love.
So, do what I love ( part time for now) is checked!

If you interested to let me “freeze” any of your memories in this short life,
You can contact me as below:
Whatsapp : 0192872023/01121818949

Thank you for visit and I hope you enjoy it.

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