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Deeply wounded

Happy Saturday!
Another depression kind of post.I have a lot of thing to get depressed this month. I'm just a normal human.I don't know what happened now, whenever I want to sleep, all the worries and life issues is coming up and can't stop thinking..


Getting tougher

It's Friday!
But, I got sick! My eyes got infections. Thanks to God, it's getting better now after I put some medicine and eat some medicines and also have enough sleep as well(sleep is powerful medicine).
Life getting tougher lately. I think it's not just me but everyone in Malaysia to be specific. The economy and currency is so bad. Before this, I never think of this because I feel like it's not my concern but as a growing up adult, yes, it is effect my life now. Also, I have so much thing in my mind. Sometime I thought it's the mid age crisis I guess. Everything is not going as I wished. To be really honest, my beginning of 2017 is not tougher. I'm just a normal girl that have a feeling. I'm not positive and faithful everyday..


Proud moments

Happy Tuesday!
It's feel good to be home.
I can eat the usual food that I craving for(I ate sambal this morning for breakfast which is amazing!). I don't know how will I survive if I ever move out from this lovely country(still I secretly wish for this..haha). Usually, I went for business trip for 1 week or 2 weeks or the longest is 3 weeks. I think the first week, I was fine but the second and third week was terrible for me. I started to craving for Malaysian food and every food that I eat just can't "go in" unless it's Malaysian food,what a body..haha.
Today, I want to share about my proud moment so far. I am someone that believing in travel can improve yourself.I been traveled to some countries in this world and I can say that's the proud moments in my life. I learned a lot, I survived and most importantly, my faith getting stronger.Without further due, let's see each of the country I ever visited and what I think about it.


Get rest

Happy Monday!
This morning,I finally able to call my mum(she come visited my Aunt in Long Dungan,Belaga, so she got the communication coverage).I feel like it's been ages since I called her,which is very sad,right? My parent lived in rural area in Sarawak,Malaysia so no communication coverage unless you travel a little bit far from our village then you will able to communicate with other through phone. I missed my parent so much. And, being away from them make me appreciate them more.I was so touched with my mum words to me this morning, she told me "Get rest whenever you have chance to be home,don't always go anywhere, your body can be exhausted too". She knows me very well, I don't even tell her my condition this time and she already know about it, I miss you mum! Whenever I'm not feeling well, if possible I won't tell her because I don't her to worried about me. As we grow old, don't forget our parent also get older..


Hari bahagia

For some reasons, I love the word “bahagia”. For me, the word is describe so much happiness.Today, I feel so “bahagia” as I come back to home ( KL), I missed home these two weeks. I can’t believe I will say this now. I used to love get away from home but there so much reason to missed home. Every time I was away from home now, I feel so excited whenever I come back home. I just can’t believe this now. If the old me read this, she will laughing out loud to me. So, since today I feel so “bahagia”, I wanted to share how to have “Hari bahagia” every day.

Say goodbye

Happy Thursday!
It's 16 February 2017,
and I officially saying goodbye to something that always in my heart since I knew about it. I will write so dramatic about it so I won't feel bad about it.It's one part of me. I have been dreaming to be known for my dreams and an encouraging person that people can get inspired and get started their dreams.


Happy Valentine,love.
But, I'm away.Supposedly we celebrate the love together.Bbut, it's okay.We will celebrate when I come back home.
I'm thankful for people that love me, appreciate and support me along the way.
There's no better way to express my appreciation than here, my not so secret place to freely write about anything.


Miss you already

The day that change my life forever..

Love from Vietnam,


5 wise investment for the youth

Hi there~
I'm back with the second article this week. I'm really trying my very best to write a useful article every day on my blog because I love to do so.As I grow, mature and become rich in experience, I want to share whatever I learned along the way.I hope this sharing will benefit you and build yourself as a youth.
Currently, I'm in Ho Chi Minh city as I write this article(I wrote the article after work)  and one thing that I love about travel is I get inspired from everywhere and everything.I saw different thing every day as I travel using a taxi to work using the different road every day.
So based on my experience and reading ( I love reading), I want to share about 5 wise investment you can make during your youth time. When we talked about investment, it's not just about money.There so much more in this life that more than money.


If love that easy

Hi there~
I can't believe it's February 2017 already!
Last month was my busy month. There's a lot of thing to settle and a lot of thing happened too.But,whatever it is,thanks God, I can go through it.
This time, since its month of love(it's February!) so I really want to share about my thought about love..