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Deeply wounded

26 February 2017

Happy Saturday!
Another depression kind of post.I have a lot of thing to get depressed this month. I'm just a normal human.I don't know what happened now, whenever I want to sleep, all the worries and life issues is coming up and can't stop thinking..

One of it is the last year life issues.
Dreams vs reality
I remember when I cleaned my camera back in my hometown, my mum came and say this to me "why do you like to spend your money on this useless stuff?" and when she saw my photography brochures,she even say " You will never going to hand over this to people because that's who you are.". My mum is someone that I always respect and love in my life but we both not perfect. So, I deeply wounded with what she said to me.It's make me feel so useless and discouraged with my dreams.Then, I feel miserable and out of focus. She doesn't know how I working so hard to do what I love and at the same time, I doesn't know what's her struggles too. I always said my mum is amazing women, yes, she is.But, I need to accept the facts that, she is human too and she is the one that make who I am today.Without her, I will unable to see the world and without her hardworking, I will never have lifestyle like now.I'm thankful.
She always make me in between my dreams and reality. I am really determined to achieve and working hard to make my dreams come true but she always make me come to realised that, the reality of my life. Sometime, I feel like giving up when I do reality check in my life. I came from kampong and my family need my supports and many more.
But, today, I choose to forget about that negative words from my mum, work toward my dreams and love my mum even more than before.
Before I ended this post, please remember that, your family is one of big part in your life. Love them with all of your heart as they will be always be there for you whatever your life situations.At the same time, dreams big and work for it.

"If you have a big dream, keep at it, 
and one day that dream may possibly come true."

"All of your dreams can become true, 
when you have the courage to pursue it!"

Thank you for reading and visit my blog.

Aya from

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