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Get rest

20 February 2017

Happy Monday!
This morning,I finally able to call my mum(she come visited my Aunt in Long Dungan,Belaga, so she got the communication coverage).I feel like it's been ages since I called her,which is very sad,right? My parent lived in rural area in Sarawak,Malaysia so no communication coverage unless you travel a little bit far from our village then you will able to communicate with other through phone. I missed my parent so much. And, being away from them make me appreciate them more.I was so touched with my mum words to me this morning, she told me "Get rest whenever you have chance to be home,don't always go anywhere, your body can be exhausted too". She knows me very well, I don't even tell her my condition this time and she already know about it, I miss you mum! Whenever I'm not feeling well, if possible I won't tell her because I don't her to worried about me. As we grow old, don't forget our parent also get older..

To be honest, I think I rarely have good rest. I always make myself busy than ever. My typical day is wake up, prepare go to work, working, come back from work, work on out with boyfriend/friends, sleep and the cycles continue. I'm not complaining but that's the way of life I choose. Sometime, I feel like 24hours is not enough for me. I have a lot of things to do and to learn. I really missed being home and rest, do nothing and not think about anything,just lying on my bed and rest.I can do that actually because everything is depend on me.
I'm was dreamed big so in order to achieve that big dreams, I need to work hard for it.That's the price of dream big, you cannot achieve something without working on it.
Being able to stay home is the most wonderful thing ever happen to me lately. I love being home with my laptop and get inspired from music or what I see in the internet.

Take care everyone and have a good rest!


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