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Getting tougher

24 February 2017

It's Friday!
But, I got sick! My eyes got infections. Thanks to God, it's getting better now after I put some medicine and eat some medicines and also have enough sleep as well(sleep is powerful medicine).
Life getting tougher lately. I think it's not just me but everyone in Malaysia to be specific. The economy and currency is so bad. Before this, I never think of this because I feel like it's not my concern but as a growing up adult, yes, it is effect my life now. Also, I have so much thing in my mind. Sometime I thought it's the mid age crisis I guess. Everything is not going as I wished. To be really honest, my beginning of 2017 is not tougher. I'm just a normal girl that have a feeling. I'm not positive and faithful everyday..

To be honest, when we feel like we giving up, there's nobody can really save us. It's on ourselves or our mind..really! You the one choose what you want to do in your life.But, as for me, I really want to do "abnormal" kind of life.
My dreams
My dreams in this life is travel and live nomad. I wished I don't spent my time in some place too long but that's what happened now. I spent too long in one place and sometime I did travel to somewhere else which I'm grateful for. My dreams is to travel around the world. Why did I want to travel around the world? I just want to exceed my limit and challenge myself. I want that kind of life. No comfort because I'm not used to live comfortly. If I can, I want to spend my money on travel, become backpacker around the world. Everyday will be challenging and sometime scary. I still remember my Cambodia Solo trip, it's always scared me but I did it! But, if I do such things, I am super selfish girl. My parent work hard for me to come to this stage and at the end, I choose my own way to do what satisfy me. It's seems unfair for them. They grow older too and I choose to make them happy as long as they live in this world.At the same time, I will do what I love and do with all my heart. I want to take beautiful photos and make myself proud and be really good at it.And, travel around me sometime.

I will be lying if I never thought of this.
I'm not getting younger(but I feel younger). For me, you need to really prepare yourself on this,not just get married because everyone is do so.Yes, sometime I want to do like that so I look like normal.But, I want the "abnormal" kind of life, what a weird creature! Getting married or not, I don't really care. When the times has come, I will get married with the one that loved me and the one I loved of course in very simple wedding. I don't really fan of fancy wedding. There's so much stuff to do with that money other than wedding. Wedding is the occasions for two persons to defined their love to the world.I'm not rushing for this now because I enjoying wasted my time with someone with people I loved and support my family.

Everyone has to have their dream career right?
I'm been working in Software Quality Engineering for almost 6 years now and I can say, that this is my career.Am I proud of it? Yes,definitely! But,as a normal career girl, sometime I feel like I need to challenge myself to others. It's scary to think of that because it's not going to be easy for sure.But, when the time comes, I will do something unexpected and amazing! Do and everyday with what I love.

Oh boy! I almost 30 years old ( next year) but I must be so honest with you guys. I have trouble on this..really! Not going to lie or hide about this. I'm super terrible of this. I still need to really learn how to be wiser on this. Some people say " Don't love money", yes.. it's correct! We the one that supposed to be the master of the money.But, appreciate money because money is one of the tools can make your dreams come true.

As we grow older, we tend to narrowing our friends. I don't know about you but I think that's happening to my life now.It's not that we don't want to be friend anymore, we are still friends but the time we spend together getting less and lesser(if this correct). Everyone is move on with their life and everyone have the partner. Sometime when I'm alone, I was crying over this. I missed my friends,my best friends. I want called but I'm afraid they busy and I will disturb them. I'm thankful for having friends in my life as they are my true friends that really know who I am and I willing to do anything for my friends too.

Life getting tougher each day and sometime it's overwhelming and can't take it anymore. But, I have a faith. Everything will be fine someday and I will never lose my faith no matter what will happened. I will be just like the rock on the sea, strong and stronger.

All above photos from my Sydney visit on February 2016. I missed Sydney terribly. I want to go back there and never come back from there.

Thank you for read and visit my blog.


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