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Hari bahagia

18 February 2017

For some reasons, I love the word “bahagia”. For me, the word is describe so much happiness.Today, I feel so “bahagia” as I come back to home ( KL), I missed home these two weeks. I can’t believe I will say this now. I used to love get away from home but there so much reason to missed home. Every time I was away from home now, I feel so excited whenever I come back home. I just can’t believe this now. If the old me read this, she will laughing out loud to me. So, since today I feel so “bahagia”, I wanted to share how to have “Hari bahagia” every day.

  1. Be grateful
No big secret of bahagia day,just be grateful with whatever you have.Don’t take any day for granted(but if you feel so,just let it be..dont be so hard on yourself, we are human after all).But, don’t always feel that way, be grateful and thanks God for the day.

  1. Appreciations
Even though you have everything but you don’t appreciate it, you wont feel happy at all.Even smallest thing like someone hold the door for you, or someone say “good morning” to you, appreciate it because you don’t know when it will stop or nobody do that for you. No matter how bad is the day, appreciate it as your day to learn something and go forward on this journey.

  1. When the day its hard, remember everything is temporary.
As I grow older, I realized that everything in this world is temporary, nothing is permanent unless you married,that’s permanent until your last breath.Whatever issue in this life, remember it’s just temporary and learn to solve it with stable mind. I saw one video on Facebook the other day, it show that, our problems in this life just like a glass of water on our hands.The longer we hold the glass full of water, the more we feel hurt so learn to put that glass of water aside and learn to solve it.

  1. Pray every day
I’m Christian and I’m believe in prayers.
I pray everyday, when I wake up,before I go to work,when I arrived to work. For me, prayers is such a powerful tools to move forward in this life.When I feel like life goes wrong, I don’t do anything else, I went to my room, close the door and pray to our powerful God. Don’t underestimate the power of prayers.When life is hard,pray and when life is good,pray even more harder.

  1. Read God’s words every time.
I’m thankful for the technology that we have nowadays.
We can read God’s words everywhere we want.It’s hard to develop this habit first, but the more you do it, you’ll feel you can’t get away from it. It’s like my daily bread.Use the technology to read the God's words everyday.
My prayers every day is you’ll have more “hari bahagia” in your life. Life is not easy but God will always be there, that’s make our day more “bahagia”.
Thank you for reading and if you feel "bahagia" or wanna share your tips on how to feel bahagia, you can
comment below.

P:S ; Happy 10th monthsary,my dear!

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