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If love that easy


Hi there~
I can't believe it's February 2017 already!
Last month was my busy month. There's a lot of thing to settle and a lot of thing happened too.But,whatever it is,thanks God, I can go through it.
This time, since its month of love(it's February!) so I really want to share about my thought about love..

Last Sunday,during my flight from KL~ Ho Chi Minh city, I experienced something that make me think of this " if love that easy". There one little girl sit in front of me keep spying on one Mat Salleh guy sit behind her and I can't stop smiling and giggling as she shyly ask his name and told him " I like you" and then she told her mum to keep it secret..haha.
It's make me think, if love that easy than everything will be fine.
From my personal experience, I don't dare to say love is easy. It's a lot of effort and commitments.I won't say much about my love life because I want to keep it treasured for me and my boyfriend(my future partner).It's not keep it secret but I want to share about what I learned from love and how to make it easier(if possible) to love.

#1: Don't expect too much on people.
Your partner is normal human too,just like you.She/he have her/his own weakness and she/he is not perfect. For drama fans like me, we always imagined that someday we will meet someone like in the dramas but girls,let's be REAL, no one like that because that's is character that created from other people imagination.It doesn't mean you can't expect something,you can but dont too much. If you expect too much,you'll disappointed.Or the easy way is be someone like the one you wanted because you'll attracted to people that you imagined(trust me).

#2: Respect each others
Nothing is better than this when come to love.For me, when you love someone, the respect come as well.I mean, when I love people, I will respect them for whatever they stand for and whatever they doing.Respect people first before you expect people respected you.

#3: Say it and mean it.
Something that I learned from my relationship is be bold(say it and mean it).Don't expect your partner can read your mind,he can't! And, I can't read anyone minds too.So, say it and mean it!

#4: Don't be shy to show how much you love that person.
I don't know about you but I don't really shy to show how much the person I loved mean for me.I'm just let them know that I love them wherever and whenever we are.Don't be shy to show the good thing,right? But, we're not married yet so keep the boundries lah..haha.

#5: Don't take people for granted.
Last but not least,don't ever ever take people for granted. They maybe come to your life for some duration that you never know when it will last.When the moment is good,appreciated it and when there bad moments,learn to go through it together and never give up. God will give a way.

Thank you very much for reading my post today.
I really missed to write on my blog every day but currently, I'm busy with other things but I will always try my best to always write on my blog.

Thank you for reading.
God bless you.

"Love is patient,love is kind.It does not envy,it does not boast,it is not proud."
1 Corinthians 13:4 NIV.


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