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Proud moments

21 February 2017

Happy Tuesday!
It's feel good to be home.
I can eat the usual food that I craving for(I ate sambal this morning for breakfast which is amazing!). I don't know how will I survive if I ever move out from this lovely country(still I secretly wish for this..haha). Usually, I went for business trip for 1 week or 2 weeks or the longest is 3 weeks. I think the first week, I was fine but the second and third week was terrible for me. I started to craving for Malaysian food and every food that I eat just can't "go in" unless it's Malaysian food,what a body..haha.
Today, I want to share about my proud moment so far. I am someone that believing in travel can improve yourself.I been traveled to some countries in this world and I can say that's the proud moments in my life. I learned a lot, I survived and most importantly, my faith getting stronger.Without further due, let's see each of the country I ever visited and what I think about it.

This past 5 years, to be exact, 10 countries in 5 years. I'm not lucky, I'm blessed. Most of it because of my business trip( I called it work-cation so I feel less stress..ehehe) and some of it was my vacation trip.No matter what, it's traveling and I can see different world.

#1: Hong Kong

My first ever trip to abroad. I'm excited and nervous but thanks to my friends, I can do it and adjusting very well. I always confused with the currency..haha. To be really honest, I cried everytime I saw this previous post, my very first post on my blog. I'm not crying because of the memories with my ex-boyfriend but I can see how far I become and traveled.
You can check out my first ever trip to Hong Kong on below post;
#2 : Macau
When I visited Hong Kong, I have a chance to visited Macau as well because they just nearby. We traveled here by ferry and it's worst experience..haha. You can check out my experience in Macau below:
Macau 1
Macau 2
Macau 3
Macau 4

#3: Bandung,Indonesia
This one is I traveled with my second sister. It's more to shopping trip, she bought so many stuff here.But,this is my first ever traveled with family. You can check out my trip in Bandung as below:
Bandung 1
Bandung 2

#4: Vietnam

My first visit to Vietnam was in 2013, I went to Hanoi and it's monsoon seasons so the whether its not really good that time, so I cant go around that much. Then after that I traveled to Ho Chi Minh city and it's became my annual trip since that. I'm blessed even though it's business trip. Check out my travel tips in HCM city on below link:
Vietnam 2016
Vietnam 2015
Vietnam 2014
Vietnam 2013

#5: Thailand
My first ever trip to Thailand was on 2015 for business trip. I'm excited as I never went to Thailand before and it's amazing! You can check my shopping experience on below link:
Thailand 1
Thailand 2

#6: Seoul,South Korea

The country that I always on my wish list every and I'm thankful as it's come true on September 2015. Amazing! and I cant forget the view,food and amazing friends that I make during this trip. Check out my amazing trip in Seoul on below link:

Seoul 2015

#7: Cambodia

The trip that I will never forget. I can't wait to bragged about this to my daughters and sons. This is my first solo vacation trip. I don't know why I choose Cambodia at first but I knew that this country will teach me a lot of things in life and yes, it is! I shared my experience on below link:

Cambodia 1
Cambodia Budget& Itinerary 2016

#8: London,UK

The trip that I will never ever to forget!

One biggest dreamed was come true in 2015,amazing and blessed!I can't describe my feeling whenever I look back at this travel post. It always the sweetest memories and I can't believe what just happened to my life.
I shared every details experience on below link:
London Diary

#9: Sydney,Australia

I love love Australia because of 3 things, beach/view, Oporto Chicken and Hillsong Church. You will laugh at me because there's no Kangaroo on the list..haha.I love Australia or Sydney to be specific because of these 3 things. I'm blessed as I can visited Sydney for four times in my life, I'm more than thankful. I hope I can go again so I can go to Hillsong Church and have worship time with the Hillsong Church again.Or can I wished to go to Melbourne too? So I can go to Planetshakers Church too! I think I wished too much already. Check out my every Australia trip experience on below link:
Australia 1
Australia 2

#10:New Zealand
The country that I always dreamed to live and die,New Zealand! I want to migrate here if God willing(am I asking too much from God now?).
Check out my trip in Hobitton here.
New Zealand Diary

But,after all..
my proudest moment these years and more years to come is my blog. I'm so proud of She is my baby,little tiny baby.I never have experience on raise a baby and when I got, I feel so amazing and she is my little princess that I want to raised and hope she will growing up to be lady,smart,kind hearted and faithful in God.You must thinking I'm crazy now because I treat my blog like a baby girl..haha,yes, I'm crazy!
What I really want to share on this post is never stop dream, if you feel want to go travel,go for it! You can earn money and experience you will never buy that. So, why wait? Go for it!

Thank you so much for reading!

See you next time.

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