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Happy Valentine,love.
But, I'm away.Supposedly we celebrate the love together.Bbut, it's okay.We will celebrate when I come back home.
I'm thankful for people that love me, appreciate and support me along the way.
There's no better way to express my appreciation than here, my not so secret place to freely write about anything.

I'm blessed with my loving family.
Sisters and my brother, I love you guys with my heart.Thank you for always believe in me and help me when I need the most.
I'm grateful for friends that I have in my life.You guys are the best.
Marina, thank you for being my friend this past five years and more to come.
Ellis,Audrey and Lim, I missed our time in the Sunday evening.
Jue and Sandra, amazing new friends that I found along my faith journey.
Usun, my friend that know me well.
Buki, I miss you again.. I wish we live in the same area so we can share about anything just like last time.
Not to forget, my love one.
Thank you so much for understanding, support and much more love that you gave me every day.You make my world a lot better and I don't feel alone in this world. I have a friend that I can share everything, my sadness, my happiness, my blurness and almost everything. Most important is we love God first.
 I love you, my best friend, my partner in crime.
Thank yo for accept me for who am I.
I'm grateful everyday for having you.
I don't know what the future but I know, God have the best plan for us.
For now, let's enjoy the moment, support each other and follow the flow.

Love you more,
HCM city,Feb'17.

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