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The kind of childhood that I always want to remember

This photo was taken on last Christmas 2016.
My boys all grown up so fast!


[Penang,Malaysia] Oh,Penang!

Happy Tuesday!
Oh boy.. I missed this again. I mean, I forgot to share my quick trip to Penang last year. I used to love Penang and I will always love it even though it's hard to do so. Penang is one place that hold good memories in my life so I must treasure it.What I love about Penang is the view, foods and I don't really like the road,it's so sempit I think..hahhaa.
Enjoy the photos.

[Finding passion series] 10 guides on finding your passion.

The best way to predict the future is CREATE it.-Abraham Lincoln

Happy Saturday!
I continue the [Finding passion series], this one is continution on the first article here. This part is the most important one. So, I will share about "How to finding your passion'. Following your passion is a tough journey but the most harder is finding or figure out what you passion for.As for me, it’s took me 5 years to find my passion and I’m trying my best to living it even though I still juggling between my main job and my passions.It’s amazing to do what I love/passionate about.This guide that I hope it’ll help you start to figure out what you’d love doing.This guide won’t find your passion but it will help you in your journey to find it.Here’s how;


[Finding your passion series] Girl with too many passions

Happy Friday!
It's finally Friday! You will totally understand this feeling when you in the working field,right people? For the youngster, one day you will say this.It's weekend again and I hope you use this weekend do what you love,drain your energy until Monday and have Monday blues ( just kidding!). Being adults is not easy as I thought before. Sometimes, it's hard to be honest.I'm not mean to scare you but I'm being totally honest here.One thing that I really don't get it when I'm a lot younger is what's my passion.I keep searching and searching and at the same time, I keep doing what I feel right,which is awesome. I will share about passion for few articles. The first one will be, my passion timeline.You'll see the unexpected one.


Am I proud being Leto Kenyah?

Hi there~
I thought I'm going to publish this article yesterday as I mentioned on my Instagram but I'm too tired and just went sleep. Sometime that's happen so what can I do? 
For article today, it's about one question that nobody asked me so far.I love asking question to myself. Some time the questions is getting weird and I don’t know why am I asking that question to myself.I was born as pure Kenyah badeng girl from rural area in Sarawak.Being born in minority community is something that some time I can’t explain very well.So,am I proud being Leto Kenyah or Kenyah girl?


Little Paya

Happy Sunday!
This article was inspired from movie that I watched yesterday. It's about 28 years old girl that waiting for her boyfriend to marry her after their 10 years relationship.But, it's not turn out like she wanted.Her boyfriend not feel the same anymore and have different opinion about getting married even though they been together for 10 years.The moral of story that I learned is never lose yourself no matter what, no matter how deeply and madly you fall in love with somebody.This story make me think of little me.


[Myanmar] I'm suprised

I think it's HELLO in Myanmar. It's so awesome for me whenever I have an opportunity to visit new country. Myanmar is my 11th countries in the world that I ever visited. Its feel amazing for having this an amazing opportunity.This year, I told myself, I will be less travelling for vacation as I need to spend my money on something bigger than anything that I ever imagined.But,that's my plan,not what God's plan for me. I still have an opportunity to visited new country so I'm thankful.When the first time I landed in Yangon..


[Myanmar] No greater than this

Happy Saturday!
I came back from Myanmar on Thursday evening and I feel so tired so I didn't write anything to you guys.I have a wonderful days in Yangon,Myanmar. It's beyond my expectations but I need to explored a little more when I go again.I need to visit the downtown,communicate with people, trying to ride the taxi or bus,just do like a local.This time, I was blessed because my Myanmar colleagues always bring us anywhere so no need to worry about transportation or foods.I want to share with you guys my hotel room where I stayed in Yangon.This is the biggest hotel room I ever stayed since my business trip.


[Myanmar] Interesting Yangon,Myanmar

It's day 2 in Yangon and I begins my day with massive breakfast buffet.What an amazing way to start the day. I can't enjoying all the food very much due to limited time. Tomorrow, I should wake up early and eat breakfast for one hour..hahaha. After breakfast, we went to work, that's the best part of the day. I love go to work when I'm in abroad. I always feel excited and look forward for it everyday. There's not much thing happen today,just I'm busy with work. After working hours, our colleagues bring us for dinner and then visit one of biggest Pagoda in Yangon. Never ever thought I will have opportunity to visit this. Check out my 'waaa' moment on this article. Let's check it out!


[Myanmar] My first time in Myanmar

Hi there~
Another country on my list.This is the best part of my job.I love travelling and this is what I do for a living.I'm thankful.
And, the most amazing thing ever happen today is I go to work by plane! What?really?Yes, for real! I went to work by plane, it's amazing! Never thought this will happen to my life. Last time, I watched Michelle Phan's video ( One day in my life video in YouTube,I think),she sharing about her work life in one day and she go to work by plane and never ever think that's will happen to me as well.Amazing!I shared my first time experience in Myanmar,happy reading!


I can't keep up anymore..

Happy Thursday!
Oh my gosh! I am missed it again and again..
I missed to write on my blog everyday now. My life is getting busier and I’m getting tired easily this year, by 10pm I feel sleepy like I never felt before. I guess I getting older ( yes, I admit that now). Fuhhh.. I can’t believe I will say that now but that’s what happened. Whatever it is I will keep writing.


31 days of blessings

Hi there!
I totally forgot to publish the first post of March 2017.
I went to church for weekly prayers and after that, we celebrate my dear blessing in his life.
Life is super busy. Sometime, I feel drained and lose my energy because too many thing to do.And, this March as you know is the longest month in a year. I will be 31 days and no public holiday at all.
So, what we gonna do to “survive” this longest month. I will share 31 things you can do every day to make sure this month will be awesome month.