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31 days of blessings

Hi there!
I totally forgot to publish the first post of March 2017.
I went to church for weekly prayers and after that, we celebrate my dear blessing in his life.
Life is super busy. Sometime, I feel drained and lose my energy because too many thing to do.And, this March as you know is the longest month in a year. I will be 31 days and no public holiday at all.
So, what we gonna do to “survive” this longest month. I will share 31 things you can do every day to make sure this month will be awesome month.

#1: Plan ahead
#3: Eat what you love
#4: Serve people and serve God.
#5: Eat donut - photos
#6: No social media day (Digital detox)
#7: Eat healthy
#8: Cook at home
#10: Write about what you grateful for every day.
#11: Donate your book
#12: Garage sale
#13: Jogging in the early morning.

#16: Share your favorite quotes in creative way.
#17: Print travel photos
#18: Read favorite book - photos
#19: Drink expensive coffee

#20: Celebrate your friend or family’s birthday
#21: Learning new skills
#22 : Get to know yourself better
#23 : Enjoy the company each other
#24: Plan ahead your spending
#25: Call family
#26: Make a moodboard/idea board
#27: Read your reading plan
#28: Go to saloon together
#29: Do laundry together
#30 : Take photos with each of friends
#31 : Sharing what did I learn this longest month.

It’s the longest list..haha
I think the length is same as my before 30s wishlist.
Let’s make the longest month to get better, appreciate and never take any day for granted.
I know, there a days or several days you will feel stuck and cannot move, remember,
Everything will be fine..eventually!
Be strong and keep in faith.

Thank you so much for reading love.


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