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Am I proud being Leto Kenyah?

21 March 2017

Hi there~
I thought I'm going to publish this article yesterday as I mentioned on my Instagram but I'm too tired and just went sleep. Sometime that's happen so what can I do? 
For article today, it's about one question that nobody asked me so far.I love asking question to myself. Some time the questions is getting weird and I don’t know why am I asking that question to myself.I was born as pure Kenyah badeng girl from rural area in Sarawak.Being born in minority community is something that some time I can’t explain very well.So,am I proud being Leto Kenyah or Kenyah girl?

Let’s be honest here, during my high school time, when the new school or new classes I’m in, I will always hard the time I need to introduce myself and explain my identity.Sometime that's annoyed me. When I said "I'm Paya Roni, I'm Kenyah " then sometime, the teachers will asked " How come you're Kenyah and you're white?", then I will answered " It's not Kenya but it's Kenyah,got H". Then, I will briefly explained ’ Kenyah is the one that have a long ears.” I’m not trying to be rude for saying I’m annoyed but that’s the reality being Leto Kenyah that trying to make it in the city.Let's be really honest, I'm not really proud of being called leto kenyah when my high school but I never wished I be other race too, I just feel so small when people knew I'm Kenyah girl. I don't know why.As I growing up, I slowly start to understand the uniqueness of my identity.Being Kenyah girl is not killing me but it's my unique identity. What's make me change? Several reasons make me change,change my mindset to be specific.
1) Everyone is taken so be you.
2) Embrace your uniqueness
3) You cannot change your race.
4) Your race is your identity.

I'm very proud to called myself Leto Kenyah now. I embrace my uniqueness and do my best to be the best version of Leto Kenyah I ever seen in my life.


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