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[Myanmar] Interesting Yangon,Myanmar


It's day 2 in Yangon and I begins my day with massive breakfast buffet.What an amazing way to start the day. I can't enjoying all the food very much due to limited time. Tomorrow, I should wake up early and eat breakfast for one hour..hahaha. After breakfast, we went to work, that's the best part of the day. I love go to work when I'm in abroad. I always feel excited and look forward for it everyday. There's not much thing happen today,just I'm busy with work. After working hours, our colleagues bring us for dinner and then visit one of biggest Pagoda in Yangon. Never ever thought I will have opportunity to visit this. Check out my 'waaa' moment on this article. Let's check it out!

The only photo I took for breakfast buffet.I will try to snap more after this and share it. I'm too busy to find food.I should I start to make this kind of drink when I come back home.

The Myanmar boss treat me this during lunch. Coffee latte and it's different Chatime..waaa
I usually not so jakun with hotel but this hotel make me like this..hahahha, I will share the hotel view on another article.
To visit this pagoda, we need to take off our shoes and walk bare foot in public..waaa
Never ever I walking in public without my shoes.What an amazing experience.We just walking and see the beautiful view of this pagoda and a lot of people here as well for prayers.

Since I dont have much time to write, I shared photos first and write about it details in future if I have time. I definitely shared everything here.
Thank you for visit and I hope you enjoy it.


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