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[Finding passion series] 10 guides on finding your passion.

25 March 2017

The best way to predict the future is CREATE it.-Abraham Lincoln

Happy Saturday!
I continue the [Finding passion series], this one is continution on the first article here. This part is the most important one. So, I will share about "How to finding your passion'. Following your passion is a tough journey but the most harder is finding or figure out what you passion for.As for me, it’s took me 5 years to find my passion and I’m trying my best to living it even though I still juggling between my main job and my passions.It’s amazing to do what I love/passionate about.This guide that I hope it’ll help you start to figure out what you’d love doing.This guide won’t find your passion but it will help you in your journey to find it.Here’s how;

1.What are you good at?
I believe that, every person on this earth have something they good at or everyone has one talent at least. God already prepared everyone talent but we often forget about things we’ve done well. So, take 30 minutes and ask yourself this questions and write down all things you feel you good at. It can be your jobs, hobbies or anything.Just write down even it’s sound silly like sleep or eating.Just list it down.

2.What excites you?
When the first time I figure out my passion in photography, I always feel excited whenever I have chance to take photos of people or I even feel excited whenever Sunday comes, so I can bring my tripod to nearby park and do my own photoshooting. I know you guys, it's really look silly. So, whatever you do and it's make you feel excited, you can write it down. I know, it's may not easy to think of it immediatelly but take time to think about it and write it down.

3. What do you read/watch about?
Nowadays, everyone is so attached with their smartphone because it's easy for you to watch whatever you want and no need to bring heavy book around if you like to read. So,what have you spent hours reading or watching online? What magazines/books do you look forward to read? What website or blogs do you follow? What section in the mall you like to go? There’s many so just add them on your list.As for me, I love read magazines, fashion blog and photography website. I can't stop scrolling/flipping when I found this three. I really love CLEO magazine, I even went to their one of the workshop and it's make me feel excited. I even have a chance to talked to the CLEO Malaysia Editor,Lina Esa.Which amazing!

4.What have you secretly dreamed of?
I secretly dreamed being fashion designer before.Due to my lack of vision and resources, I can't see my future in that industry instead I finally dreamed about studying engineering. While I'm working, I 'accidentally' found my passion on blogging and photography. I always dreamed to work in creative industry.But, to be in that industry, I need to prepare myself with relevant skills in that industry.For now, I want to improve my photography and creative side. I never said laudly I want to be wedding photographer but I secretly dreamed of it. I dreamed myself holding my camera and capture the wonderful and precious moment.Whatever your ridiculous dreams, just add it even it unrealistic.

5. Learn,learn,learn
After that, look back on your list for no.1,2 & 3. Now, pick one thing from the list that excites you most.For me, I pick up blogging and photography. So,here I can focus on learn how to do blogging and photography from websites,take a notes, improve it every day and my wishlist on who people I want to talk to or work with. 

6. Experiment,try.
So now its time to put what you learn in the real situation.For my situation, I learned about photography on my own in my room before I purchased my DSLR camera, then after I bought it. I start to experiment by go to nearby park and just try what I’ve learned online. If the result is not satisfied me, I keep learn again and repeat.This is happening during my 2015. Learn,try,improve, try and repeat.I even try to do wedding photographer with my little skills but it’s worth it because from there I learned so much, give me motivations and give reputations as well. Pay attention to how you feel doing it. Is it something you look forward to, that gets you excited, that you love to share?

7.Narrow things down
I recommend that you pick 3-5 things from your list, if it’s longer than that, and do steps 5 & 6 with them. This could take month, or perhaps you’ve already learned about and tried them all out. So now here’s what you need to ask yourself: which gets you the most excited? Which of these can produce something that people will pay for or get excited about? Which can you see yourself doing for years (even if it’s not a traditional career path)? Pick one, or two at the most, and focus on that. You’re going to do the next three steps with it: banish your fears, find the time, and make it into a career if possible. If it doesn’t work out, you can try the next thing on your list ,there’s no shame in giving something a shot and failing, because it’ll teach you valuable lessons that will help you to be successful in the next attempt.

8.Banish your fears.
This is the biggest obstacle for most people.Your self-doubt and fear of failure. You’re going to face it and banish it. First, acknowledge it rather than ignoring or denying it. Second, write it down, to externalize it. Third, feel it, and be OK with having it. Fourth, ask yourself, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Usually it’s not catastrophic. Fifth, prepare yourself for doing it anyway, and then do it. Take small steps, as tiny as possible, and forget about what might happen — focus on what actually is happening, right now. And then celebrate your success, no matter how small.

9.Find the time.
Don’t have the time to pursue this passion? MAKE TIME!! If this is a priority, you’ll make the time — rearrange your life until you have the time. This might mean waking earlier, or doing it after work or during lunch, or on weekends. It will probably mean canceling some commitments, simplifying your work routing or doing a lot of work in advance. Do what it takes.

10.How to make a living doing it.
This doesn’t happen overnight. You need to do something, get good at it, be passionate about it. This could take months or years, but if you’re having fun, that’s what’s most important. When you get to the point where someone would pay you for it, then you’re golden — there are many ways to make a living at that point, including doing freelance or consulting work, making information products such as ebooks, writing a blog and selling advertising. In fact, I recommend you do a blog if you’re not already — it’ll help solidify your thinking, build a reputation, find people who are interested in what you do, demonstrate your knowledge and passion.

I told you this wouldn’t be easy. It’ll require a lot of reflection and soul-searching, at first, then a lot of courage and learning and experimentation, and finally a lot of commitment.But it’s all worth it — every second, every ounce of courage and effort. Because in the end, you’ll have something that will transform your life in so many ways, will give you that reason to jump out of bed, will make you happy no matter how much you make.I hope you follow this guide and find success, because I wish on you nothing less than finding your true passion.

Hope the best yet to come,

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