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[Finding your passion series] Girl with too many passions

24 March 2017

Happy Friday!
It's finally Friday! You will totally understand this feeling when you in the working field,right people? For the youngster, one day you will say this.It's weekend again and I hope you use this weekend do what you love,drain your energy until Monday and have Monday blues ( just kidding!). Being adults is not easy as I thought before. Sometimes, it's hard to be honest.I'm not mean to scare you but I'm being totally honest here.One thing that I really don't get it when I'm a lot younger is what's my passion.I keep searching and searching and at the same time, I keep doing what I feel right,which is awesome. I will share about passion for few articles. The first one will be, my passion timeline.You'll see the unexpected one.

To be honest,I don't really know what passion is when I a lot younger. What I know is I need to study, get education, eat more and get a good result so I can survive in this world and also, I need to impressed and paid my parent hardworking,which is totally right and must do.I keep on searching my passion even during my college and university time.But, at the same time, I just do what should I do. I studied Physical Science in college and Electronic Engineering in university.I don't know what I'm looking for. I think, I was looking for friendship and relationship,not passion for life but I'm blessed because I can survive despite that zero passion. I totally honest here, I studied to passed the exams and I can enter university then get the good job.Yes, I'm bad student because I'm just memories all the formulas(but I did remember some lah..).
So, what I really want to say here is it's okay if you can't find your passion in the early age.But, you already learn from my story here so it's better to find your passion now so you not waste your time.
So,here is my passion timeline. I have always changing my passion. I didn't put my main work as passion here because it's always my passion.I just list the one that I do after working hours.
End of 2011-June 2012 ( Searching time)
I just follow the flow. I still don't know what I should I do in my life. I started working in Software department because that's what I'm qualified for and that's what God plan for me.All I do is work,eat,sleep and repeat.I make a friends, learn something new like driving my car..haha.No time is wasted actually, everything is full of something.

June 2012 ( Blogging)
I started to do something that I will never forget. "Blog your dream" and this words really change my life. I started to write on my blog(that time, sometime and many more). This time I just do it and experience it.When I think of it now, I can't stop feel amazed about it because I continous do it despite not knowing what will happen.

2013 ( Blogging+travelling)
I just can't believe what I did this time..I start to try to share about my outfit because I saw a lot of young ladies around the world do this and I love it. I feel so happy when doing it.Even my friends asked me why the earth am I doing this stuff? I always asked them take my photos.During this year, I will never forget the day of my heartbroken days and my dad accident that I will never forget. Despite all that, I keep moving forward and do what makes me happy.This year, I share a lot about my work-cation experience in Australia and New Zealand, my vacation trip with my sister,my dreams wedding,fashion and my outfits. I cant find my niche, I just share what I feel I wanted.

I start fully blogging from Janury to December. Can't you believe that?
This year, I still remember my passion in sewing and DIY take over.hahaa and the blogging passion still remains. I shared a lot of my outfits because that what I love.I still can't believe that I always make time to do DIY and sometime sewing my own skirt for outfit diary.

After take photos of my outfits every weekend and my DIY project. I feel something lack of it. My photos not really look good.So, I started to learn about photography and at the same time, I saved money to buy DSLR camera.Yes, I did buy it and never stop to learn and be better on photography.And, the passion in blogging still remain plus my passion in photography.Sadly, I'm just a girl that have 24hours per day, so I need to let go my passion in DIY and sewing.I also blogging every month this year. I even take a challenge on my photography, I try to be wedding photographer and I love it.

2016(Photography+blogging+travelling+creative design)
 I just can't stop smiling and feel amazing whenever I took photo of people and when people love it or sometime dislike it(hahaha..I need critiques).Since I have a lot thing on my hand, I sometime can't keep up my blog. I have a lot thing to share,write but I slowly feel tired and have a lot of thing to do.I get slow on my blog this year which is sad!

2017~ (Photography+blogging+++ endless passion)
Yes, I have decided to choose my photography and blogging passion, always try my best to stick on that. To be honest, my mum not really impressed when I excitedly show her the photos I took and she said "you can't earn much by become photographer", she doesn't know about blogging. I feel discouraged at first but I decided to be positive and proof that I can do it and live the life that I wanted and dreamed of.

See, I have so many passion in my life.I just love that.
But, I can't handle all that at the same time. So, I decided to choose my passion in photography and blogging. For photography, you can check out my work on and for useful articles on blog, you can find me on I separate them because I don't want you guys to get confused because on my blog, I mumbling and rumbling very much!

So, how about you guys? What's your passion?
On the next article, I will share about "How to find your passion?". It's from my humble experience and my reading as well. See you on next article.


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