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I can't keep up anymore..


Happy Thursday!
Oh my gosh! I am missed it again and again..
I missed to write on my blog everyday now. My life is getting busier and I’m getting tired easily this year, by 10pm I feel sleepy like I never felt before. I guess I getting older ( yes, I admit that now). Fuhhh.. I can’t believe I will say that now but that’s what happened. Whatever it is I will keep writing.

I’m really try my best to keep up with everything now. I love my job, I’m passionate about my dreams, I’m happy to served in local church Youth Ministry, trying my best to spend my quality time with friends,my love one. There’s time I feel like I want to stay in the house quietly and enjoy being with myself.Try my best to keep up with my life. I think I’m busy with other thing lately.Busy with my life, other people and sometime I just can’t believe the month is gone by and I feel I have done nothing.
I feel like I treat myself harder lately.I always try to push myself to another level. It’s a good thing but sometime, I need to allow myself to get rest and enjoy the moment.Sometime, I must allow myself to say I need help and allow to say I need you. It’s hard for me to say that because I’m not used to feel that way.
I seems I can’t keep up now but I will do my best everyday.

Thanks for reading.

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