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[Myanmar] I'm suprised


I think it's HELLO in Myanmar. It's so awesome for me whenever I have an opportunity to visit new country. Myanmar is my 11th countries in the world that I ever visited. Its feel amazing for having this an amazing opportunity.This year, I told myself, I will be less travelling for vacation as I need to spend my money on something bigger than anything that I ever imagined.But,that's my plan,not what God's plan for me. I still have an opportunity to visited new country so I'm thankful.When the first time I landed in Yangon..

I realized that, we have the same kind of face (typical southern asian face) and I look no different than them.This make me feel super comfortable and welcoming. The most interesting culture I saw here is the man wearing longyi (kain pelikat) in daily life. They even go to work,school and etc with this attire,which for me is amazing.Beside that, I come to appreciate what I got even more because some people want the thing I sometime take it for granted so bad.I'm thankful and I'm grateful for everything that I have for this moment.These photos was taken along the way I went to work. I don't have free time to explore the real Yangon,Myanmar.Maybe next time, if there an opportunity.

Thank you so much for visit and I hope you enjoy.
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