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[Penang,Malaysia] Oh,Penang!

28 March 2017

Happy Tuesday!
Oh boy.. I missed this again. I mean, I forgot to share my quick trip to Penang last year. I used to love Penang and I will always love it even though it's hard to do so. Penang is one place that hold good memories in my life so I must treasure it.What I love about Penang is the view, foods and I don't really like the road,it's so sempit I think..hahhaa.
Enjoy the photos.
The below building is awesome!

This is our first outside KL kind of date.Everyday is date lah.. We both love coffee so we must went to enjoying coffee..ermmm
My morning view when I wake up in Penang. The mist and mountain..ermmmm,awesome!
We stroll around Penang before we went back to KL. Everywhere is awesome
Then, on our back, we witnessed this wonderful view.

The Penang Bridge.

I don't know when can I go to Penang again.
Penang always be the special place for me.


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