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[Travel Tips] How to buy a cheap flights?

I traveled every week now and this is something that I never ever take it for granted.
I never thought that I will ride the flight every weekend now. I’m living my dreams.
Maybe some of you think this is no big deal but it’s a BIG deal for me. I’m just a kampong that living my dreams now.
So, what’s the tips to buy cheap flight?


That heartbroken lady

Halo there~
It's been awhile since I write an article that empowering and encourage ladies out there. I really love to write about this topic because this topic always close to my heart and I love to see the ladies become stronger than ever in their life.Every human in this world loves the thing that we called LOVE. What do you think of love? the first time you think about it?


Happy Birthday, Enrique

Happy Birthday to one of my little man, Enrique or famously known as Q.
My prayers every day is you will grow up as a man with faith, this little men heart full of love, passionate in everything that you love and be a great man for our family and community.
It's "hard" this little man growing up every time I went back to my hometown. Lately, he being so quiet, which is scared me! He usually like to talk to me when I went back home but this time, he rarely talk, this make me sad and I want to stop he from growing up if he will be like this.


#keriitletoOOTD: My first beach wedding

Hi there!

It's been awhile since I write on my blog, my schedule is hectic lately. I'm not complaining but I really love it but sometime I don't have time to write, I did try my best but sleep is important! Last weekend, I went for a short gateway in Kuching with my dear friend, Marina for my Sarawakian/Bangi friend, Amy's wedding. It's my first time to attend beach wedding in my life and it's amazing and beautiful, hehehe,I gets inspired..hehe(mouth zipped!!).It's my first time so I will definitely share my experience on my blog.


[Review] Amazing apps for busy people

Hello there~
This is review post after so long.
This time, I will not review about product but I reviewed about service.
Have you ever feel so overwhelmed with your own life schedule? or have you ever wanted to make a suprise for your loved one but unable to do so because you don't have time to go buy it.This is life nowadays. Everyday and everytime is busy and always full of thing to do.I have an amazing apps to share you guys so you can solve this issue.


One of the best decision of my life

Hi there!
I'm supposed to post this article last week after the photo shoot with the team but due to my hectic schedule, I unable to make it and post it on time. This article will be all about Youth Ministry.
I start to involved in Youth Ministry actively since last year. This is brand new kind of experience in my life. I never ever really involved in this kind of thing before because I always thought, "bereman ek to", it's a Kenyah words. The direct meaning is it's so holy! hahaha. So, I want to share my real experience on this.

[Special] Best I ever had

Today is an amazing day! Thank you God.
Happy Birthday to my best friend everyday, my partner in crime and my special one.God bless you, your family and everything you do in your life.As we promised, we going to do his birthday photo shoot when his birthday.So, today is the day so let's do it!


[Vietnam] The other side of Ho Chi Minh City

Hi there~
How are you guy doing? I hope you guy doing great!
I'vehave been busy with my main job these few days.So that's the reason I'm not writing  and that's also the reason I'm in Ho Chi Minh city. I came here for my job and this time, I was lucky because there's one public holiday so I can take a break from work and went to the place that I always wanted to go which is Ho Chi Minh Museum and from here, I see different view of Ho Chi Minh that I never see before.So, without further due..let's get started.


Away again

I'm being bad blogger again for countless time.I'm sorry! I wished I can have more time to write and share useful story on my blog,but I just got 24hours so I need to know how to use that 24 hours wisely.I'm currently in Ho Chi Minh city, this is my third times here this year, I'm blessed and I never bored of this city. Now, I feel like I going back to my hometown because its took 1hours 40minutes to come here from KL.I came here for business trip or I love to call it, work-cation ( so I feel good about it). After my last article ( it's about my nephews), I was being busy with my own life and I finally being away from something.