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#keriitletoOOTD: My first beach wedding

22 April 2017

Hi there!

It's been awhile since I write on my blog, my schedule is hectic lately. I'm not complaining but I really love it but sometime I don't have time to write, I did try my best but sleep is important! Last weekend, I went for a short gateway in Kuching with my dear friend, Marina for my Sarawakian/Bangi friend, Amy's wedding. It's my first time to attend beach wedding in my life and it's amazing and beautiful, hehehe,I gets inspired..hehe(mouth zipped!!).It's my first time so I will definitely share my experience on my blog.

The location is Damai Beach Resort,Kuching. It's perfect location for wedding! On our way there, I saw Santubong Mountain!! My FIRST time saw it! I feel ashamed being Sarawakian but I never saw it with my eyes before and now, I saw it and I really love it!! Okay, I will be stopped talking about that now because I will non-stop talking about the mountain.So, here is the views...

We arrived late because it's our first time come here so the road is unfamiliar.We missed the main show but what can we do.With the beautiful bride and groom.
The view is amazing!!

Selfie time
The wedding was on 5pm so its perfect for sunset.

 Of course, I will never ever forget the outfit diary.

 Before we went to the reception ceremony, we managed to see the sunset..yeahhhh! Perfect!!

Congratulations again to my dear friend, Amy and husband for their wedding! It's beautiful and it's make wanna get married very soon (just kidding!). My prayers to your new family always love each other every day and God bless you two always.
Thanks for inviting me to your wedding Amy, it's amazing!

Last but not least, thanks for read my blog.


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