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One of the best decision of my life


Hi there!
I'm supposed to post this article last week after the photo shoot with the team but due to my hectic schedule, I unable to make it and post it on time. This article will be all about Youth Ministry.
I start to involved in Youth Ministry actively since last year. This is brand new kind of experience in my life. I never ever really involved in this kind of thing before because I always thought, "bereman ek to", it's a Kenyah words. The direct meaning is it's so holy! hahaha. So, I want to share my real experience on this.
First of all, you guys must ask,
Why did I decide to involve in the Youth Ministry?
At first, I never thought to join it because I'm not really know the youth community in my church. I just involved just like "touch and go",not really involved. So, when one of my friend( we called us Keriitleto Cheras) ask me whether I can be her "Penolong Bendahari" because she need someone to help her in case she move back to Sarawak.Since I don't have anything to involved in my youth community so I said "Alright! I will do it with you!That's how I joined the Youth Ministry in my church.But, deep down inside my heart, I really want to serve in our youth community. That's one of the best decision I ever make in my life.So, from here I learned about something different and brand new experience. Also, I get to know new friends, an amazing friends.So, here some of us.

If you ask me now, how I feel about this now?
It's the best decision I ever make in my life. It's make me closer to what I'm looking for and I'm happily serve in this community after all have God ever done in my life.
So, should you join the Youth Ministry/Community in your church?
Yes, I definitely recommend you to do so. It's not wasting your time but it's help you grow as a person. I don't know how your youth community but supposedly it's help you grow to be better person.

God bless you,

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