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[Special] Best I ever had

10 April 2017

Today is an amazing day! Thank you God.
Happy Birthday to my best friend everyday, my partner in crime and my special one.God bless you, your family and everything you do in your life.As we promised, we going to do his birthday photo shoot when his birthday.So, today is the day so let's do it!

I'm thankful for this moment in my life.
I fall in love and I've felt heartbroken but I never give up on love.
Because love makes life beautiful and wonderful, also make our life messier than ever we imagined. After all, don't give up on love.Be with people that you love with all of your heart, not because what they have but who they are.
Thanks for willing to do this birthday photo shoot with this crazy lady you ever meet in your life.

Puchong, Malaysia.

Location: Putrajaya,Malaysia

Photographer : Aya from

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