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[Travel Tips] How to buy a cheap flights?

28 April 2017

I traveled every week now and this is something that I never ever take it for granted.
I never thought that I will ride the flight every weekend now. I’m living my dreams.
Maybe some of you think this is no big deal but it’s a BIG deal for me. I’m just a kampong that living my dreams now.
So, what’s the tips to buy cheap flight?

In our country, we have few airlines companies like AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Malindo and etc.
So, it’s hard to compare the price one by one,right?
So, what I usually do is check on my awesome website that I just found this year.
Yes, I’m promoting it now because it’s AWESOME for me and I can save money as well.
What I really like about this website are;
1.      No processing fee ( what price you see, that’s what you pay)
2.      Compare every airlines so you can choose easily.

You should try now.
As you read this post, I'm on my way hometown. I miss my family so much, I just can't wait to see them after being away from them for few months(since December 2016). I always missed my parent lately, I'm not sure why. I just feel that way and I want going back home but I don't have time and opportunity to do so.So, since there's one public holiday this weekend so I just going back.One thing that I realized about being away from my family is I miss the moment of their life, especially my nephews, they must grow up and become bigger than I ever imagined...
While you have energy, time, just go back see your family.
You can earn money but the time with family will never can be buy.
We' ngan Amai, bimpin ikem do lan-lan.
Thank you Airasia for making everyone can fly.


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