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[Lifestyle] 10 scary things being an adult

Hi there~
I can't believe I will share this kind of article on my blog..haha
I'm being really an adult this year!!
Yes, I'm an adult ages ago but I just feel I'm really an adult this year..hahhaaaa.
A lot of thing that I never thought I will be face it someday,I face it this year.It's make me feel scared and nervous about it. It's not I'm against being adult (mapo kupit) but yeah, just feel like it's a big deal being an adult.
So, without further due, let's check out my 10 scary things being adult.


#keriitletoinspiringstory: My story

Hi there,
Happy Sunday. How are you guys?I hope you guys doing fine.
Again, I'm sorry from my deepest of my heart for missing from my blog. I have a hectic schedule because I still working as full time, when I come back home, I feel tired and constantly fall asleep.That's the art of getting "old"..haha.But, I'm trying my best to keep up with everything here and give my best to inspire you guys.If you realized, I added few new categories so a lot will happen soon.
For today, I want to share about #keriitletoinspiringstory, one of the new category in my blog. My aim for this is I want to inspire every #keriitleto out there to do what they love, to live the life that they ever wanted and most of all, dare to dream big! I feel a little bit embarrassed to share my own story for the first one but I think it's great, right? Without further due, let's check my story out.


14 May 2017
It's Mother's day.
I'm thinking of my mum's cooking especially Anye ( Kenyah traditional food). I love it so much! My mum anye always the best!!
Its hard for me to write this post today because I'm not with my mum(We') and celebrating this special day with her.I prayed my mum will be always be healthy and happy in her life.She is an amazing women because she can change my life to be like now.My mum will never found or read my blog because she can't read.I'm thankful for having We' like her. But...


keriitletoOOTD: Stronger women

Hi there!
Another #keriitletoOOTD on my blog this month and it's mustard color again. Never ever going to admit it as a yellow.Also, this time my #ootd not like the one that I use to do, it's #groupootd which is nice! Everyone has their difference style and everyone can wearing whatever they comfortable with.Since this week will be Mother's day so I think I should share about all the wonderful womens I ever met in my life.Without further due, let's reading.


[Life Tips] Try to make it(TTMI) girl

It's a public holiday and I choose (strongly!) to stay at home and work on my passion. I have hectic schedule these past 4 months(what?!! four months already were gone!!). I'm juggling to make it really HAPPEN! I'm TTMI girl. I created this term on my own.

#keriitletoOOTD: Mustard or yellow?

Hello there!
Suprised! suprised!
After so long, finally the OOTD posted on my blog. To be honest, I don't feel great whenever I try to do my usual #keriitletoOOTD because I feel fat and my style is boring.Also, I don't feel like bother my friends to help me to take my outfit photos anymore, I feel bad for them.
I'm thankful there's one lucky guy willing to help me to take my outfit photos last week,yayyy!!
It's mean a lot for me. I'm beginner in photography so mostly I will be behind the scenes but when I'm on the photos, I always feel excited!


[Travel] keriitleto goes to Data Kakus April 2017

I still miss home.
My home in Sarawak is the sweetest place I can be.
Seeing, eating and talking to my family is the best thing I can do.Last week, I'm thankful I can visit my family for the first time after Christmas. Usually, I will go back to my hometown twice a year, every June and December but this year, I planned to go back more frequently because I just missed my family especially my parent. As I growing old, they growing older too. I feel like I miss a lot of life moment with my family.But, I can't blame anyone for this, it's my choice at the first place.This is how I choose to live and this is the consequences.Enough for that, let's see this situation from the bright side.


[Photography] Ramey OO Ajau | Always proud being Kenyah

Hi there!
This year, I'm thankful I can go back to my hometown and celebrated Ramey OO Ajau ( Pesta Menuai). It's been a very long time since the last I celebrate this. This is not my main reason going back home, I missed my family so much. It's so hard to miss the family when get older..sighhh!

[Photography] It's been 3 years

I always believe in God's plan in my life and His plan is always perfect.
One of our greatest blessing from God this past 3 years was this little bundle of joy.It's been 3 years since he comes to this world and every single day I feel thankful for having this little man.We face many obstacles in this life but God never forgets to give us something that we always thankful for. Life can be overwhelmed with all the life issues but focus on what's the bright side of the situations.


Damus & Masnie Engagement | March 2017

Hi there!
Last week I went back to my hometown. It's always feel good to be home.And, I have an opportunity to witnessed my cousin getting engaged! Congrats to both of you and see again you two on your upcoming big day!So, here is some photos of their engagement. Basically this is how modern Kenyah people/community get engaged.


My grateful heart

Happiness is a choice.
I believe in that.
If you choose to be sad then you will live that way and if you choose to be happy in any of life situations, you will be happy.Let's admit, it's hard to be happy or choose to be happy when the situation is getting harder when there's seems no way out, when zero money on your bank account and many things that can make us feel despair or sad.But..