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[Life Tips] Try to make it(TTMI) girl

11 May 2017

It's a public holiday and I choose (strongly!) to stay at home and work on my passion. I have hectic schedule these past 4 months(what?!! four months already were gone!!). I'm juggling to make it really HAPPEN! I'm TTMI girl. I created this term on my own.

I juggling my passion, my career and my personal life.It's really hectic but that's an amazing life experience for me. I always have something to do, sometimes I don't have enough sleep because I'm TTMI girl. I don't encouraged that but when the passion is driving you crazy then you can't stop it. To be honest, I can't see what's ahead me, but I always have hope that I can make it some day. One of the thing that I try to make it now is my photography passion. I love taking people photos. It's an amazing experience and it's make me happy too.

It's a wrap!

Also, I got to experience about making video in the church's studio last month. Which is amazing!!!!

You can watch the video below:

I'm thankful for the chances that I have for this moment.
If you TTMI girl like me, don't give up and go for it!


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