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[Lifestyle] 10 scary things being an adult

25 May 2017

Hi there~
I can't believe I will share this kind of article on my blog..haha
I'm being really an adult this year!!
Yes, I'm an adult ages ago but I just feel I'm really an adult this year..hahhaaaa.
A lot of thing that I never thought I will be face it someday,I face it this year.It's make me feel scared and nervous about it. It's not I'm against being adult (mapo kupit) but yeah, just feel like it's a big deal being an adult.
So, without further due, let's check out my 10 scary things being adult.

1) You manage your own money
When you still lived under your parent's ketiak, you can ask them to keep your money(if you earn some money) or you just ask money from your parent if you need anything.I think, we don't really know, how hard it is earned that money.My mum used to say, "ayen sero alek ka sin ka?", please do not waste the money.But, I love to buysnacks or something that you not use but I love to do that.
Then, become really an adult, you need to know how to manage your own money. If not, you going to be hungry in the middle of month.Ask money from parent or siblings? To embarrased to do so but I did it few times to be honest.Sometime if you need help, you can ask but learn from every mistakes.

2) The responsibility get bigger.
We cannot avoid this as an adult.
We must being responsible person in this life. It's essential and crucial!
Most of all, be responsible to yourself, your family, your work and your community.Having so much responsibility is hard, I know that too. I'm responsible to myself, my family as daughter,sibling, aunty,collagues, church members, friend, girlfriend and etc.After all, always be responsible to yourself.

3) My parent get older
This is the hardest and saddest part of being an adult.
I miss the time when I see my parent everyday, listen to their nagging, eating together, go "nauk" when kena paksa and so much thing to do.But, nowadays, I rarely have time with my parent. Everytime I went back home, their hands getting different. The feel of their hand is different. This really make me feel like move to live with them.But, I need to survived and find our resources.I always said on my blog, if you lived with your parent, don't take that for granted! Our time maybe not longer anymore.Love each other more deeply and try to understand each other situation.

4) My nephews growing so fast
Another people that I wish they stop growing, stay kids, please!!
But, I can't control that.God the one that know everything and He makes everything growing.

5) Your signature become big DEAL.
During my high school in my village, I love to pretend to sign on something and wish that, one day, my signature will be BIG DEAL! Yes, when you become an adult, your signature become like that. When you get a job, you will sign the offer letter and you become an worker or when you get married, you sign the married form and you will be the official married.See, it's sooo BIG DEAL!
My dream did come true on this,right?

6) Keep all documents about you by yourself
I used to ask my mum keep everything and I know you did that too.
But, as you growing up as an adult, everything you keep by yourself.It's scared me when the first time I keep everything but eventually, I'm used to it because I know, it will be hard for me when my parent keep it for me.Fuhhh..need to really take care of it.

7) Make your life decision on your own
No more " I need to ask my parent,first!", maybe some of the life event you still need to ask your parent like you getting married, of course you'll ask your parent.But, most of the time, you decide yourself.Sometime, this thing scared me because I'm such a weak decision maker.I'm afraid being called selfish! But, I learned that it's not selfish but I stand up for myself and my life.

8) People talk to you differently
This statement is so funny for me because lately, I just found word "duh', I heard it before but never said it in any of my conversation.It's sound so funny for me when I said "duh". What I mean is the way younger people talked is different than yours..hahhaaa

9) The time move so fast
When I was a kid, I was tired to sleep early in the night and I can't wait to wake up but the time seems move so slow.But, when become an adult..the time is moving suppperrrr fast!!! I don't know why! So, kiddos, please appreciate the time now.

10) The best thing to do is staying at home.
I can't believe I will say this here.
Back then, I used to go out with friends everytime we have an opportunity or time.But, as you become really an adult, you always prefer stayed home, watching TV or YouTube or just sit on the floor, stared at outside or just lying on the floor and feel soo good.

I don't mean to scared you with these.But, I'm being totally honest guys! All these are based on my personal opinion.
Being adults is not easy at all, its need you to be stronger, wiser and strong in faith! But, we can't control this, everyone will be adults so no exceptional, just be ready!!
What's the scary thing being an adults for you (if you an adult)? 
or if you want to know about the experience being an adult.
please do share with me or comment, I love to hear yours too.


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