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My grateful heart

03 May 2017

Happiness is a choice.
I believe in that.
If you choose to be sad then you will live that way and if you choose to be happy in any of life situations, you will be happy.Let's admit, it's hard to be happy or choose to be happy when the situation is getting harder when there's seems no way out, when zero money on your bank account and many things that can make us feel despair or sad.But..

After all, everything is your choice.
It's hard to choose happiness when the situation is go different way.
My happiness is I got a job and I'm trying my best to do the best of me.Even though I was lost sometime due to some distractions that I don't know it's worth it to distrated that way. My main job is the best I could ask for in my life and I will never ever take it for granted. I will do my best whenever I still have the chance.
When I feel like there's no happiness, I will make myself busy with other thing like photography. I really love this as my hobby. I feel so happy whenever I shoot my client's photos and they happy about it. For me, take photos is one of the important thing in this life. Every moment is deserved to be record or capture.
I'm grateful for every opportunity that I have, every opportunity that I created for myself and every opportunity that people share with me. I'm grateful for people around me whether they make me learned about this life or they make me enjoy my life. I'm grateful!
Not single day I want to feel despair about my life because I feel that wasted my time and my life. If something not goes like I wanted, maybe God's plan is not that way for me.
Thank you God for this life, this moment and thank you for make me feel grateful today. I know I don't have much but I know you will complete me every single day.

Thank you so much,

Photo credit : Ron

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