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[Photography] It's been 3 years

05 May 2017

I always believe in God's plan in my life and His plan is always perfect.
One of our greatest blessing from God this past 3 years was this little bundle of joy.It's been 3 years since he comes to this world and every single day I feel thankful for having this little man.We face many obstacles in this life but God never forgets to give us something that we always thankful for. Life can be overwhelmed with all the life issues but focus on what's the bright side of the situations.

I'm enjoying taking this little man photos. I hope he will have this passion in future ( if he like).

Thank you God for this wonderful blessing in our life.
To our little bundle of joy, I hope one day you will discover this post and never ever forget you're blessing and we love you as much we love God especially this overly excited Aunty. I love you.


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