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[Photography] Ramey OO Ajau | Always proud being Kenyah

07 May 2017

Hi there!
This year, I'm thankful I can go back to my hometown and celebrated Ramey OO Ajau ( Pesta Menuai). It's been a very long time since the last I celebrate this. This is not my main reason going back home, I missed my family so much. It's so hard to miss the family when get older..sighhh!

My family was "padi bukit" farmer, that's how my family make a living other than "kelapa sawit". After harvest, we will celebrate this and this event more like being thankful for the blessings that we have and share it with the community.When come to celebrate something, we kenyah people know how to do it, it will be always food, traditional food which is awesome!Also, have some traditional dancing.
I'm forever proud being Kenyah people in my life.This something that I will never ashamed of. I never feel embrassed when people don't know what my race is, I will explained and introduce to them, that's my job.
So, here I shared photos during Ramey OO Ajau that day.

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