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[Travel] keriitleto goes to Data Kakus April 2017

08 May 2017

I still miss home.
My home in Sarawak is the sweetest place I can be.
Seeing, eating and talking to my family is the best thing I can do.Last week, I'm thankful I can visit my family for the first time after Christmas. Usually, I will go back to my hometown twice a year, every June and December but this year, I planned to go back more frequently because I just missed my family especially my parent. As I growing old, they growing older too. I feel like I miss a lot of life moment with my family.But, I can't blame anyone for this, it's my choice at the first place.This is how I choose to live and this is the consequences.Enough for that, let's see this situation from the bright side.

My nephews growing up so fast now. They now 12 years and 11 years old.

Seeing this niece is always the best.
My mum nyemelut tejalak
Ngojat milo laki manai ji

This happen when you're the youngest in the family.
Our home 
My mum anye is always the best

Early morning in my hometown

And, the highlight of this trip was this little bundle of joy.He is talkative now and I'm so thankful can 

He crying because my sister ask him to take off his favorite football shirt.This little man is something. I missed to "mandi sungai".

 Rainy day is the best in my kampung.

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