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10 valuable lessons I learned from my Dad(Amai)

18 June 2017

Selamat Tau Amai me de Amai ngan Amai mek.
We called Father as Amai in Kenyah language.
Dalau tau meki,tambah-tambah teka bimpin le ka toa le ne.Obak teka le ke taan eda julung- ilu ngan nyekapu eda. Amai mek jan ne ca peribadi je ake lemoto mawa' ngan mala'.Amai mek jan  ne ca peribadi je ake tisen un ngelan Tuhan je ake tisen biuk cung u u ilu ti.
Un tepo, nta pe oban janan udip ji uku baan u de atai penawai le keluk.

My dad was my inspirations whenever I feel like I want to give up on my dream.I observed my dad determination attitude to achieve his dream since my I'm a little girl. Especially the transportation for our family. Back then, my father can’t afford to buy any car for our family. I remember, there one time we went to Bintulu, we ride the "lepan", I don't what this called in English or Malay.It was an exciting time for me as a kid because I can go to town and buy something I wanted. I never think how hard that's for my parent.Then, he can afford a bicycle.I even try to ride it until my "peha" so sakit..hahaa. After that, he bought motorcycles.My dad body size is a small type so sometime, he can't reach the pad, because he is short.But, that never let him give up to ride the motorcycles!Then, finally after so long, He finally can afford a car!! What an amazing journey.I'm lucky as I can ride his first driving on the road before the accident happened in his life.
I never blamed God for what happened to my dad.It makes me keep in faith and be strong in God.
For me, God is able.Anytime soon, God can change everything. I just wait for God's time. 
Along these life journeys with my dad, I have learned so many things from him. Here is 10 of it.

1.Never give up
Whatever you want to achieve, Go for it. Never ever give up! It will be hard and seems impossible but you can achieve it when you constantly go for it and never give up!

2.Dream big
We're from the rural area, we don't have much opportunity in front of us but just like my dad, dream big!Go after it!! Do it!!

3.Have a faith
For us, God is our source of our life. We never see Him but we have a faith in God. I'm glad my dad show me his faithful heart in every situation in his life. I want to be faithful just like my dad or can I be more faithful than my dad?.

4.Family is first
No one can be there for you in any event of your life than your family. Appreciate your family member every time. Yes, its must annoying to see each other now but remember, family is always first.

5.Life humbly even you seems to have everything
As we know, we human never satisfied with everything with have in this world. We keep want more and more. But, I'm glad my dad show me the great lessons of life, life humbly even God has blessed us with many things,not just blessed with money but our health and happiness.Even we not really blessed, still life humbly.

6.Education can change life
I don't know what will happen to me if my dad and mom never realized this.I'm thankful!

7.Support each other dream especially people that close to you.
I'm blessed for having my father that always support my dreams. Not all my wildest dreams but I respect their point of view as well.

8.Be strong like Job
After my dad accident, it always reminds him of Job's story. You can read Job story on Bible. It's about one person that be strong in God despite anything happen.

9.Life can change drastically, it's God's plan
Today, you may live like normal. Go anywhere you want, be with people that you love and etc. But, you never know what will happen to you anytime soon. Always trust in God's plan.

10.Appreciate whatever you have even it's little.
 We may not have everything but appreciate whatever we have. We will have more.

When I'm a little girl, I remember my dad is the best I ever had. I say this not because today is father's day but I wanted to say this for so long. I already told my father about this when I went back to my hometown in April.The hardest thing I ever face in this world is seeing my dad cry for the first time in my life. I told him if God willing I will get married with my boyfriend. My dad cried when I told him this. He told me he felt bad for unable to be with me go to an aisle and feeling bad for being on the bed while I'm struggling to make it happen.I never told my boyfriend about this.I'm sorry, I can't say this when I see you.Now, you read it here.I feel so sad whenever I think of this.
So, whenever people ask me when I will get married? I feel really bad because I know, I will be missed my family. I feel so heavy to start a new family with this situation.But, I can't keep being like this, my parent want me to have my own life too. For now, I appreciate the moment I have with my family.
Finally, to everyone that read this, I hope you appreciate your father more than you ever did before .Our father may not perfect.He is just a human.If you have a grunge or any feel bad with him for anything bad in your life, please please go and talk to him and say sorry or forgive him.I know, its sound impossible to do.
Pray for this first, God can give you strength to do it. Don't wait until he gone.
You can make a change.
If you love your father, say it..don't keep it! And if you say it, don't just say it to make urself feel better but as u know, an action is louder than words.
Say it and do it!

Thank you, God, for giving me an opportunity to come to this world with my parent help. I'm proud to be my father's daughter!He never makes me feel less than people.
We're poor but he never let me feel poor, my dad always try his best to provide.

To my future husband,
Happy Father's day in advance!
I hope you'll be leading our family to be closer to God more than we used to.
Our God is number one, family and then people.


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