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If today is my last day

05 June 2017

Are you scared of death?
Are you ready to leave this world now?
This morning, I face another almost accident in my life.I feel so scared and I’m shaking…
This make me think “What if today is my last day?”

Before I REALLY surrender everything for God, I'm scared of death. I can't hear the late night call.
I’m scared of bad news from my family.
I honestly feel so scared of losing any of my family members.

Mati itu pasti.
Everyone going to die no matter how I don’t want that to happen.
I can’t control this.
And I don’t have too scared of it too.
It will happen no matter how I scared of it.
Maybe, I’m first or any of family, I don’t know.
If today is my last day, I know I will be in our eternal home.
I don’t know how you feel or think of me, but I will be in our eternal home.

For now as I lived…
I want to appreciate the time that I have in this world.
Treat my day just like I knew my last day will be today.
Love my family more than ever…
Help each other…
Dream big and never give up on each of my dreams.
Treat my friends just like I wanted to be treated.
Respect people.
Love God with all my heart.
Do my best in everything…
Create memories every day.
Maybe for you, this post is just mumbling from one #keriitleto in this world,
But this is the reality! Life will end someday.
Let’s use our time to serve God and serve people.
If today is my really last day, my last words will be,
I love my parent so much…thank you for being an amazing parent to me.Without their hard work and prayers, I will have the same life.
I love my siblings.. we always make each an other headache but I really love and appreciate you guys.
My nephews… Be a wiser and full of love kind of guy.Always respect and obey God.
My niece. You’re princess and the sunshine! You’re one of the proofs that God is amazing…
My love one (@kingkong_2016).. You’re the answer to my prayers. Thanks for loving me and thanks for letting me love you. I love you deeply.
My friends and everyone that know and laugh at my silly jokes, thank you, you make my life wonderful.
To my baby(, I always miss you…

You can say I’m crazy now…
But this all I want to say if I’m day…

Are you prepare for your last day?


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