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13 June 2017

It's Monday!
I feel Kasmaran. 
What is Kasmaran??
You want to know? Google it now and start to laugh ,okay?
This post was inspired by one of song that I listened in Spotify apps, it's Kasmaran by Jaz. He is Indonesian singer and I really love his voice.And, this song really fueled my love dovey feeling. 
I'm Kasmaran..
Let's talk about love this time.

I have been hurt before and I feel scared to love again.Love is too subjective to talk about actually.We don’t know when it’s started and we don’t know what will happen in future too.But, I dare to take a risks about the uncertainty of love. There will be sweet and sour time, that's life. I hope I'm wiser on this, not repeat the same mistake.
Love can make this world the best place to live in with people that you love.Yes, I definitely sound so creepy now.Back then, I feel like I want to give up in love.I feel like nobody goin to love me after what happen before..
But, meeting you is the answer  of my prayers.
Love teach me so many things.

To be always patient,

Always love,
Always consider about people,not always selfish,
always filter whatever you want to say, I may hurt people heart because what I say,
Above all,
to love each other and love God.

I don't know what will happen in future but all I want to do is love people and love God with all of my heart. Maybe, I may not end up with anybody in this world but I will always love,love because love can cover all sins.

I will forgive those that hurt me before.

I hope they forgive me too for my wrongdoings and my selfishness.I'm young and not really know the world.I'm sorry people.My prayers everyday is you will be happy in your life.


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