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[Life Tips] Kenyah girl in the city

Hi there!
I feel bad for not writing so frequent on my blog nowaday.
My life is so busy and I always feel sleepy whenever I'm home. Yes, I'm complaining now and give a reason for not writing here. This article was written in my car (I'm not driving so I can write/jot down). I feel like I want to share about my experience as a Kenyah girl in the city this time. I don't know if it's interesting or what? But, I love to sharing so without futher due, let's read.

I been lived in the city almost 10 years I think due to my study and now, I'm working.
 To be honest, I always feel insecure being Kenyah girl in the city. Sometime I feel not confident because I'm Kenyah, the minority in Malaysia. I feel so small whenever I told this and people always thought I still have long ear, lived in tree house n etc.So, here is what I learned as Kenyah badeng girl in the city. 
  1. Always remember where you come from.
  2. Always remember why you're here
  3. Always remember God has bigger plan for you
  4. Don't feel so down on yourself, you can do it too
  5. Find a wiser friend
  6. Always find the local church/community
  7. Open your heart for lessons
  8. You can fall in love with anyone but make sure you know who the one you fall in love.
  9. Use your money wisely
  10. Do your best in everything
  11. Dream big
  12. Treat people just like you want to be treated
  13. Never ever forget to be better
  14. Don't shy to ask if you don't know
  15. Be open minded
  16. Love God, love people
  17. Eat well even you don't have much
  18. Be positive, one day all your dream will come true
  19. Remember to help others too
  20. Love yourself and you deserve a better future.
Being Kenyah girl in the city is not easy as I ever think. There's a lot of things that tempted. I love the feeling when I went back to my hometown and that always remind me, where I come from and when I come back from the jungle,I really appreciate every single thing I have here in the city.
Remember keriitleto,
Don't easily do something that not benefit yourself or ur family.
Always do your best in everything, don't easily give up.You can do more than that!!You can do it just like others.

I hope this article give inspiration for you guys!
And, before I end this article, I want to know what's the best experience as keriitleto in the city the you ever had? 
Please do let me know by comment below. I love to hear yours.

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