It's been 3 days since Oppa left me in Selangor.
I hope Oppa feel so happy with Demma, Engka, my sister and my bro in law.
Yes, you can laugh at me so hard now, it's okay. I'm being so dramatic about this and I'm having fun of this too. MM can't take this anymore.But, before you judged me for being super childish and dramatic, I got to share few things I learned about this separation with my Oppa.

Life after Oppa

25 July 2017

Today I want to do something fun!
In 2013, I wrote my "30 things must do before turn 30" on my blog and it's time for me to review it after 5 years and before I enter my 30 years next year. I can't believe its already 5 years since I posted this post.
Without further due, let's review it together.

My review on my "30 things must do before turn 30" list

22 July 2017

Today is my last day with my Oppa.
You must be curious who is Oppa?
Oppa is my car. My first car.
People always said " Setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan."
It's hard for me to say goodbye to my beloved Oppa.I sent Oppa to my sister's family in Perlis.
Oppa will be far from me from now..for the first time!
When I write this article, I crying.. I miss Oppa.
I bought Oppa in November 2011 with my first salary and my dad's support( as my birthday gift), that's the last time my dad gave me money.
Since Oppa is my first car so everything is first time for me. I don't even know how to drive Oppa when I got him. I asked my cousin's husband to help me fetch Oppa to my rental house.I don't even know how to drive really! Can't believe I just bought it without knowing anything.Don't worry, I have driving license when I got Oppa but never drive any car.
Thanks to the amazing ladies that teach me drive.
Marina unnie
Amy & her husband

It's time to learn to let go of what I used to see/feel in my life.
It's hard but I need to change no matter what. 
I can't always stay and feel the same.

Oppa, I miss you so much!
I hope you'll happy to see Demma and Ted in Perlis.
Be a good boy just like you with me.
I will come see you when the right time.

p.s; Yes, I sound so crazy now but that's how I communicate with my Oppa.If he can talk back, I think he will say " I'm so annoyed with you, talk too much! so dramatic!".


Goodbye Oppa

21 July 2017

Hi there~
Since I'm in the season now so I want to share about something that closed in my life for this moment. It's dating life.Being able to experience dating life is something that I always grateful for. It's so hard to turn the crush to a friend than to lover.It's never easy. My friends and colleagues have proof how hard and funny this for me. It's an unexpected event, you can't really predict what will happen. When I think back of this, I just laugh at myself and I can't believe what happens in my life now. I'm grateful my crush become my lover.
As a youth, I curious about dating life, how to have a dating life that have purpose.And, I found the answer when I read my plan on Youversion Bible so, I want to share it with you guys. I know, it's just copy and paste because I don't want to missed any point. I hope this can give guide for you.

Life Tips: Dating with purpose

20 July 2017

Happy Day~
It's been awhile since I write any article here. I'm sorry again.
Yes, I was missing in action(MIA) again.
If you realized, I also MIA on my other social media (Facebook & Instagram). I want to give myself break from all social media because I realized I overly attached on that, sometimes I always more and more like and love from people that I even know well, it's good for my business ( wedding photography) and at the same time, I also have life issues that too personal to talked about and I know, if I actively on social media, I will spill the bean so to avoid that happen, I take a break. I don't need to explain about this right? But, I think you guys deserve to know what really happen to me.
I'm okay now and I'm ready to live the life(hahaha).
Okay, you must be curious about my post title today, right?

Next level

18 July 2017

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